West Virginia Legislature Schools Us On Pro-Life Betrayal

One of the problems with the way “checks and balances” really work is they allow politicians to pretend to be on one side of the issue when they actually take the opposite side. If I know my state supreme court judges are going to insist on pretending there is such a thing as “homosexual marriage” and I share that fantasy, I can claim to be against same-sex “marriage” in the confidence that the courts will bring about the outcome I want.

Or, if I want to make sure I have pro-life cred before an election, even though I’m a baby-killer in my heart, I can vote for a slightly pro-life bill, in the comfort of knowing the governor will veto it.

This last happened in West Virginia. Governor Earl Ray Tomblin has claimed and campaigned and won office as a “pro-life Democrat.” But now that he is a lame duck governor, he can afford to show his true colors. According to Maggie Gallagher in National Review’s The Corner,

Earlier this month, West Virginia became the first Democrat-controlled legislature to pass a ban on abortion after 20 weeks except to save the physical health or life of the mother.

Governor Tomblin quietly vetoed the bill Friday, claiming that it was unconstitutional and that “all patients, particularly expectant mothers, require the best, most unfettered medical judgment and advice from their physicians regarding treatment options.”

Destroying your own child five months into your pregnancy is now a “treatment option?” And he still claims to be pro-life? 

One West Virginian pro-life activist wrote that the entire situation was collusion.

I believe this was the plan of the Democratic Leadership in West Virginia all along, to allow the bill to pass so their vulnerable Democrat members could vote pro-life before an important election and then have lame-duck Governor veto the bill. That’s not leadership.

No it’s not. But you only find leadership among leaders. You find fraud among scammers. If you expect leaders to be in power you are living in a fantasy world.

How many turncoats are we going to find among politicians as we think we are about to win more pro-life victories? There’s no way to find out except by continuing to try to outlaw murder. I’m telling you about it now so you won’t get too discouraged when another one of these pro-abortion sleeper agents goes active on us.

One thing this points to is that a candidate must have an actual pro-life track record before he can be regarded as pro-life. No more Mitt-Romney-Presidential conversions!