What Are Government Employees Viewing With Our Money?

What are some government employees doing being paid with money that was taken from us in the form of taxes?

It’s never any surprise anymore finding out about some politician, Republican or Democrat, getting caught with a hooker or cheating on his wife. Finding out the Secret Service was procuring the “secret services” of Colombian prostitutes prior to Obama’s visit there earlier this year may have caused some outrage, but the media let the story fizzle out. And shortly after that, the DEA found itself in similar circumstances again in Colombia with a couple of its employees paying for prostitutes. In spite of the media’s attempt to make these incidents out to be isolated, I would venture to guess that it’s a lot more commonplace than we think.

The Washington Times reported on the exorbitant amounts of internet pornography, much of it child porn, being downloaded on government employees’ computers, specifically those employed by the Pentagon, the U.S. State Department, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Transportation Security Administration (no surprise there) and the Missile Defense Agency. There was even an employee that was found to be viewing this trash up to 8 hours a day. And he wasn’t just any employee. He was a senior official. In fact, this has been a major problem among senior officials in these departments.

It was reported a few years ago that there were over 5,000 Pentagon employees downloading porn, including child porn. There was an “investigation” that resulted in the prosecution of a couple hundred or so employees, but because of “lack of funding and resources,” they halted the investigation. Lack of funding? So they’d rather use taxpayer money to pay employees to view pornography, and instead of sacking everybody involved, they let the vast majority of them “get off” scot-free? Is there any company that would put up with this kind of behavior? For most employers, this is grounds for immediate termination, and if child pornography was involved, a prison sentence.

Besides the obvious immorality and criminality of it all, this rampant behavior leaves our national security severely threatened. It doesn’t take a cyber security expert to realize that many of these pornographic websites are infected with malware, and criminals, foreign or domestic, can control these sites remotely to access our government’s confidential data. Doesn’t it make you feel safe knowing that those that are supposed to be protecting us from “terrorists” and ballistic missiles are engaging in illicit sexual behavior on the job and viewing pornographic images of children? Does it make you feel safe knowing that nobody in the media or government seems to really care that much?

If these employees and senior officials in our government have time to view pornography, then maybe their jobs are not even needed. So, the next time you hear a republican like Sen. Rand Paul say that we should “cut defense,” maybe he’s talking about these people. I would be all for that.