What Is the “Greatest Fear” of the Attorney General?

After the President’s wishful thinking about “workplace violence” (in stark contrast to the Liberal response to the shooting at a Colorado Planned Parenthood” clinic), the government has admitted that the San Bernardino shooting was an act of terrorism.

It is no surprise that the Attorney General of the United States is especially worried about violence. What is surprising is what Loretta Lynch said, the day after the San Bernardino shooting, is her “greatest fear.” She was asked about anti-Muslim rhetoric, as quoted by The Daily Wire,

The fear that you have just mentioned is in fact my greatest fear as a prosecutor, as someone who is sworn to the protection of all of the American people, which is that the rhetoric will be accompanied by acts of violence. My message to not just the Muslim community but to the entire American community is: we cannot give in to the fear that these backlashes are really based on.

But despite being concerned that “rhetoric will be accompanied by acts of violence” she promised to take aggressive action against speech that “edges toward violence.”

In other words, she wants to punish speech alone.

When we talk about the First amendment we [must] make it clear that actions predicated on violent talk are not American. They are not who we are, they are not what we do, and they will be prosecuted.

As we see  from the video above, Lynch introduces her remarks by saying, “Now obviously this is a country that is based on free speech…” and just as obviously she made that statement to proceed to contradict it. Rhetoric that calls for violence is illegal, but language that “edges toward violence” is being described in a way that is deliberately murky.

Loretta Lynch, in fact, is using language that “edges toward” abuse of the powers of her office.

Remember, CNN reported last month, “DOJ pivots from ISIS to U.S. anti-government groups with new position.”

Domestic terror groups pose a greater threat to America than ISIS or al Qaeda, a Justice Department official said Wednesday.

To help combat them, the department has created a new counsel that will coordinate the investigation and prosecution of anti-government and hate groups.

It seems that Lynch has found a way to continue justifying the “pivot” in response to Islamic terrorism.