What We Need from Our Police: a Good Example

No one objects taking video of police when they are caught demonstrating a good example. Make sure you follow it.

Here are State troopers who brought credit to their badges and uniforms. Well done, gentlemen. Well done.


The video is from WNEM.com: “Police pay it forward by paying for homeless man’s dinner.”

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Michigan State Police troopers are getting some serious recognition for a very good deed.

Liz Burkey serves up food at Tony’s on State Street in Saginaw. She was working Monday night when she witnessed four men in blue put the serve in protect and serve.

“You hear good stories all the time, it’s good to see it in person,” she said.

Four Michigan State Police troopers were having a squad meeting and eating dinner when a homeless man walked in.

“He was trying to figure out how much money he had, what he could afford,” Burkey said.

She said the man was picking through the change and lint in his pocket when the troopers, who were sitting near the register, took action.

“The troopers just stood up and they said, ‘Who is going to buy his food?’ And one of them just stood up and bought him what he wanted,” Burkey said.

The moment was captured by a man eating at Tony’s from Texas as the officers huddled up and put together money for the homeless man’s $10 dollar meal.

He posted it to Facebook and it has spread like wildfire.

“This was a man just down on their luck. They reached into their pocket, something they won’t be compensated for by the department, this is something they did on their own. We think that is just outstanding,” said David Keiser, with Michigan State Police.

I have little doubt that in the next week we’ll all have similar opportunities to go out of our way–to spend a little extra time, to dig into our wallets—to make someone’s day. Promise me you’ll look for that moment, will you?

Imagine 500 people doing that. Or 5000. Think about the ripple-effect.

Now… if we could only get our elected officials to reach into their own pockets to help others, instead of always reaching into ours. Despite too many stories of bad, I actually have hope for the majority of police officers. Politicians… not so much.

Go ahead, Congressmen, prove me wrong.