What’s Love Got To Do With It?

“This is a vision of love,” claims a statement from the group Black Lives Matter. Meanwhile, group members have rioted, committed assault, torched and destroyed.

“Love won! Love won!” shouted pro-homosexual demonstrators outside a Kentucky courthouse where Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis was thrown in jail for practicing her Christian beliefs and not issuing homosexual marriage certificates.

The Left will tell you these two movements are about love because they are fighting for equality. But the “equality” being sought is really just the legal authority to get away with destroying other people.

The Left in this country seems to have taken to heart the saying “you always hurt the ones you love.”

Any honest assessment of the Black Lives Matter movement has to note the violence, hatred and bigotry being strewn about by its members. On its Facebook page, the group posted a statement saying, “The Black Lives Matter Network is a love group. We seek a world which ALL black lives matter, and racial hierarchy no longer organizes our lives or yours. This is a vision of love. As black survivors of white supremacy, our hearts go out to all victims of violence.”

Including the ones their members beat up in the past few weeks presumably.

Self-described black supremacist King Noble, in a viral video, was more honest about the radical Left’s racial agenda when he declared it open season for killing whites in the wake of the execution-style murder of a Houston deputy as he refilled his cruiser at a gas station.

If Black Lives Matter is supposed to be about love, then why is the more inclusive phrase “all lives matter” deemed racist by the Left? Because love’s got nothing to do with it, just the power of an angry mob to get the government to give them “stuff,” whatever their list of demands is.

Meanwhile, they’ve got white people so scared and turned around that the Black Lives Matter crowd gets away with anything, kind of like the Occupy movement before it.

And like Occupy, there is a considerable contingent of freeloaders, many of them white, who are sticking around for the shakedown to see what they can get for themselves. Just take a look at images and videos of Black Lives Matter protests like the one in Minnesota where demonstrators chanted, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” at police. Count the white faces. You’ll find quite a few.

Over in the gay marriage movement, the organizers are more circumspect but the hatred is no less palpable. Homosexual activists, many of whom have Christian ties, seem to realize that being accepted by society requires gulling Christians into complacency and slowly nurturing the antithetical idea that the Bible approves of homosexuality or at least doesn’t oppose it.

Even so, homosexual activists like Dan Savage occasionally slip and let the truth fly out of their mouths. In Savage’s case, he’s been forced to apologize a couple of times.

“I didn’t call anyone’s religion bull—t,” Savage said back in 2012 after a controversial student brainwashing assembly in which a large group of Christian teens walked out. “I did say that there is bull—t — ‘untrue words or ideas’ — in the Bible. That is being spun as an attack on Christianity. Which is bullshhh … which is untrue.”

The homosexual marriage movement has never been about equal rights. It’s always been intended as a weapon against Bible-believing Christians.

We’ve all heard about the persecution of Christian bakers, wedding photographers and chapel operators. County Clerk Kim Davis is the first to be jailed for her faith since five members of the Supreme Court made sodomy-based marriage a legal right.

Promises that the inexplicable redefinition of an institution that has stood for centuries would not be used to violate anyone’s religious freedom are now off the table. The agenda is plainly revealed.

The Left plans to “love” the rest of us to death.