When Challenged Liberals Can Only Scream

You may have seen George Will calmly stated that Democrat apologist Donna Brazile, who is currently serving as Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, is a racist for using the word “Chicago”:

George Will: A subtext of all this is that we’re all racists. Can I ask you a question? What is the largest city in Illinois?

Donna Brazile: Chicago.

Will: You’re a racist. The guys over at MSNBC have said that when Republicans talk about Chicago, it’s a subtext for racism.

If you want to see how liberal Democrats react when challenged about the core of their political beliefs, then take a look at the on-air meltdown by political science professor Melissa Harris-Perry who went on the attack when her guest, financial expert Monica Mehta, made the point that class mobility is “enabled by taking risk.” Immediately Harris-Perry jumped the shark and made race the issue in very loud tones.

A lot of conservatives don’t like to push back against liberals because they will get bad press from the media. This is similar to the playground bully who knows who the soft targets are. If the bullied kid stands up to his tormenter, there’s a good chance he’ll go elsewhere.

The media are going to give conservatives a bad report no matter what they do.

Push back does not have to be ugly; it only has to be direct and challenging to falsehoods. Tactical pushback means not letting go of a point until the opposition either admits the falsehood or is reduced to stuttering. Stuttering is better since it makes for great sound bites.

The time will come, if conservatives get smart in the pushback department, that liberals won’t have anybody to interview. Pushback takes practice. If you’re going to go mic-to-mic with a liberal, you better be prepared.