When Cutting 8 Days Of Spending Is Seen As Disastrous, We’re Doomed

Everybody’s panic over President Obama’s proposed and then phonily condemned sequester–federal budget cuts across the board–is really something to behold. But is it any wonder?

Obama has been telling people that if these cuts go through, they and their kids won’t be able to eat, that the roads and bridges of America will crumble, that our military will be so weakened that who knows if we’ll be able to defend ourselves against a North Korean or Iranian nuclear missile?

His fellow Democrats in Congress are doing their part in helping to spread the fear, with Congresswoman Maxine Waters warning that “over 170 million jobs could be lost” if the cuts go into effect. Considering that there are only 140 million jobs in America, it can be reasonably deduced that Waters is one of either a liar or an incompetent.

There a couple funny aspects to the panic.

For one thing, while the sequester is a cut in the budget only technically, the government will still spend more in 2013 than it did in 2012. Spending is still going up in spite of this cut.

Additionally, the amount to be cut from the federal budget by the sequester is $85 billion. The 2013 budget is $3.8 trillion. That means the government plans on spending $10,410,958,904 per day this year. I’d double-check my math with Maxine Waters, but if I’m correct, that means that the $85 billion sequester amounts to eight (8) days of federal spending. Eight days. We’re panicking over eight days’ worth of spending.

To be sure, $85 billion is a lot of money. But in the context of our yearly budget? To give a sideburns analogy (my favorite kind of analogy), it would be like getting upset that your barber trimmed one of your sideburns half an inch shorter than you wanted. That’s it. And meanwhile, you’ve still doused your scalp in Miracle-Gro so that your hair grows faster than it did last year.

In order to take away Obama’s ability to spread fear over this offensively small cut, the Republican-controlled House passed a bill to allow him to direct precisely where the cuts are made rather than to proceed with across-the-board cuts. But in order to make sure Obama could continue to stand his fearmongering ground, the Democrat-controlled Senate didn’t allow that bill to pass.

The Democrats pretend they don’t want the sequester to take place, but of course they do. That’s why they and Obama have done nothing about it. And in order to ensure a general Democratic victory in the 2014 midterm elections, they’ve ginned up terror over the sequester, warning that it will turn us into a third-world toilet, much like the socialist-dictated countries Obama is always trying to get us to emulate–and that it’s all the fault of Republicans! All that has been missing from Obama’s disingenuous warnings that the sequester must not happen is the slogan, “Vote Democrat in 2014.”

The worst part of it all is that the Democrats have been successful in scaring people away from fiscal responsibility. They are convinced that a 2-percent cut in spending– a cut which doesn’t even account for half of the federal government’s own claimed waste and fraud–will hurt us.

If the public is so easily fooled into freaking out over such a miniscule cut, what will the reaction be at the news that the sequester is a mere fraction of the cuts we actually need to make for the country’s own survival? If they won’t even stomach $85 billion, this country is done.