When Do We Stop Fighting Each Other and Fight the Enemy?

African Americans and Tea Party Conservatives would both be better off to stop fighting each other and to help each other instead.

Will there come a day when we realize we’re fighting a common foe?

stop government oppression

(Thanks to the Personal Liberty website for the cartoon.)

The sad thing is that those represented on the left… feel the oppression is because the wrong people have power (funny, since all of the major uprisings and problems have been in Democratic strongholds, but… I digress), while those on the right side of the picture recognize that no one should have too much power, because anyone is likely to abuse it.

Mark Horne wrote about a possible shift in the political landscape when reporting on how African American attitudes toward the Second Amendment are changing for the better.

The main reason I was so unhappy with Jon Stewart making another episode of police brutality into a race issue was that he was emphasizing divisions between people and thus diverting their attention away from their common interest in ending abuse by cops. I wrote that pointing to Garner’s race as the deciding factor or the most significant detail is just a claim, not a self-evident truth. Bringing up race serves no purpose except to obscure the real issue and keep two groups with common interest and a natural affinity from uniting against their master.

The two groups who have a natural affinity and common interests are middle-  to working-class White Americans who tend to side with the Tea Party and middle- to lower-class African Americans. The people Obama likes to think of as “bitter clingers” to their guns and their Christianity have a great deal of solidarity with the people he thinks are locked into the Democrat stable.

Even in the Ferguson case, once you get beyond the criminal element, the real rage is over grasping, harassing revenue collection. This is and should be a Tea Party opportunity.

Now there is news of another element of common interest falling into place. African Americans are becoming people who “cling to their guns” as Barack Obama likes to say of White people.

Here’s hoping we reach a meeting of the minds one day before long… though I’m not holding my breath. It’s far more likely we’ll continue to fight each other over “the ring of power” to use it to bludgeon our neighbor, rather than letting freedom reign, and giving people the opportunity to live as they see fit.

But… I can pray… and I can hope.