Which is Worse, an Atom Bomb or Liberals?

With the 68th anniversary of the dropping of an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, debate is still going on, mostly on the Left, over the use of the deadliest weapon of war ever developed.

By dropping the bomb, America probably prevented many months of further conventional fighting that doubtless would have cost thousands of lives.

But there’s no denying the price was steep. Thousands of lives, mostly civilian, were lost anyway, and the world was introduced to the horrors of atomic warfare. Gruesome imagery from the time shows the extent of the hideous, disfiguring wounds inflicted on the Japanese populace.

You’re simply not human if you don’t cringe at the suffering caused by that one bomb.

On the other hand, it almost certainly had to be done. The bombing may have prevented even more deaths than it caused, and it was probably the only way to awake Japan from the seeming spell it was under while the warmongering Japanese leadership was in charge.

A lot has happened since then, and Hiroshima today is barely recognizable as the same city that was flattened in an instant. Today, it is a thoroughly modern, thriving city that has been brought back to life and moved into the future thanks to the hard work of its citizens and government. The difference between then and now is easily seen in these photos:



Around the time of the Hiroshima bomb, Detroit, Michigan, was a thriving city, home of the automobile industry and a valued contributor to the national economy and the American war effort.

Detroit’s history, too, is a study in contrasts. Since the war, the city has fallen apart. A once thriving metropolis, one of the major cities of the world’s formerly most powerful nation, Detroit has imploded to a point that it is indistinguishable from many a shanty town in Third World countries.

Except for a brief two-year period, the city had Republican mayors from 1933 to 1961. Since 1962, the city has reeled under an unbroken succession of Democrat mayors and city councils that have inflicted “Progressive” views and programs on the city. The result can also be shown in photographs:





So at the 68th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, while liberals worry and fuss about the long-term effects of atomic warfare, we need to reflect and ask ourselves a question.

Which has proved more destructive in the long run, a nuclear weapon or unchecked liberal power?