While the Government Molests Us It Gives up the Border

We hear so often about TSA agents groping passenger, humiliating children, forcing mothers to imbibe their own breast milk, and otherwise dominating US citizens, we are almost numb to it. No matter how much we complain, no matter how much outrage we show, the bureaucracy simply marches over us, jack boots on faces. Congress will make a few noises and then go ahead and give the TSA a pass and let it continue its devil’s work. No one is safer, but we are put in our place by the people we must serve and obey so that they might protect us from the ever-threatening terrorists.

Is there an area where government works better? Maybe we should have sent the TSA to guard our embassies. People who want to kill Americans at our embassies are treated better than American citizens who want to visit grandma by plane.

Since we are in such danger, it is good to know that the government also has a mandate to make sure that none of the cargo coming into the United States from abroad contains a weapon of mass destruction. So every container must be scanned. This was a recommendation of the 9-11 Commission Report. It was made law by Congress in 2007, by overwhelming votes in the House and the Senate.

But recently, business groups are complaining that the law is really expensive. Nevertheless, the government is going to make sure that no dirty bomb ever lands on American shores. The heroic representative Mike Rogers resisted all the lobbying. “The truth is this is a very dangerous world,” he said “the scanning law not surviving isn’t an option. We have got to make it, though, smarter and leaner.”

Isn’t that great? Too bad I just made it all up. The law is about to be ended.

Congress is planning on using the lame duck session after the election to get rid of the pesky inconvenience of making the Department of Homeland Security actually protect Americans. They think it is too costly to scan incoming shipments. We just invaded a whole country to prevent “the smoking gun” because it might be “a mushroom cloud,” but scanning cargo containers for WMD is too expensive?

And if Mike Rogers is resistant to that plan, I haven’t heard of it. Rather, he is on record defending the Transportation Security Administration. What the chairman of the House Transportation Security Subcommittee really said was, “the TSA not surviving isn’t an option.”

The U.S. congressman who held 22 hearings over a year and a half that tracked public backlash against the Transportation Security Administration said he’s ready to offer legislation to save the agency from itself.

So there you have it. Poking you in the crotch? That must go on forever. Making sure no bombs cross the border? That’s above their pay grade.

Obama has been going around bragging about defeating Al Qaeda. We all know that never happened. But it is also important to remember that, while he has failed to defeat the terrorist threat abroad, the last four years have seen nothing happen to make us safer at home. While DHS Fusion centers have spied on American citizens and the TSA has continue its sanctified ritual abuse at airports (and in an increasing number of other areas), they have not even scanned five percent of incoming cargo to the US.

A modest proposal: Let’s abolish the TSA and send the budget to DHS to use to scan more incoming cargo.