White Elementary Boy Bullied by Asians, Commits Suicide

A 9-year-old British boy named Aaron Dugmore has committed suicide because he was bullied by Asians for being white.

Along with being teased, at one point he was also threatened with a plastic knife and then promised that the “next time” would involve a “real one.”

Bullying and suicides together are always tough issues to write about; emotions come into play and you have to try to put those aside and think only logically.

Our emotional side tells us the Asian kids should be punished severely for so tormenting a young boy that he wanted to die. And not merely wanted to die, but murdered himself.

If we step back, though, and use calm reasoning, we (hopefully) remember that we all have free will. Aaron’s parents did have the choice to send him to another school. Aaron himself had the choice whether to keep living or to die. Nobody, least of all a boy of Aaron’s age, should ever suffer through such emotions as cause us to contemplate suicide. But, though it is considered insensitive to say “that’s life,” that’s life. Saying so does not make me insensitive. I feel for bullied people because I underwent my fair share of it in elementary school (though never something so extreme as death threats; I get those routinely in the present day from liberals). But that’s life.

If “that’s life” is considered callous, then assuming the boy had some mental problems of his own is probably considered taboo. But if someone’s meanness makes such a young boy kill himself, he probably had some mental problems of his own that hadn’t been addressed by his parents, or at least not noticed.

Of course the bullies should be punished, but not something so severe as jail. Rearing children into model citizens is the job of parents, not of the government, so punishment of children should be in the parents’ hands. The bullies should also be expelled in order to prevent them from tormenting other schoolmates, and maybe even prohibited from going to any other schools. If the parents can’t afford home-schooling, then oh well; their young punks don’t get an education.

I’m betting that this story will not be talked about here in the states–not because it took place in Britain, but because the bullied kid was white. If he were black…well, you know how it goes.

Regardless of race, however, it’s a sad story. While it may be used in Britain as a warning against the dangers of bullying, it should instead be used as a warning to parents: that if they don’t teach their children well, that if they don’t show an interest in their children’s lives, their kids are much more likely to become delinquent jerks.

Wake up, parents.