White House: Border Crisis Driven by ‘Criminals’

The White House is supposedly “surging” resources to the southern border to deal with the tidal wave of illegal immigrant children, even as it surges truckloads of kids to Republican-dominated states and towns in what is certainly just a strange coincidence.

Officials say they are alarmed by the number of children, many unescorted by any adult, swarming across the border, sometimes on the order of hundreds per day.

The White House has finally admitted that “rumors” of amnesty and free government handouts may be fueling the invasion of illegal children, but they insist that such rumors are being planted by criminal organizations (only by sheer chance at the same time that the White House is pushing Congress to pass amnesty for millions of illegal aliens already in this country and threatening to do so unilaterally if Congress doesn’t comply).

In fact, the White House is so concerned that it plans to have Vice President “Jumpin’ Joe” Biden take up the issue with South American leaders.

“[They will] outline ways in which we will be working together to deal with this problem, again the source, to make sure we are doing everything possible both to support countries in stemming the tide of this migration but also to deal with the misinformation that is being deliberately planted by criminal organizations, by smuggling networks, about what people can expect if they come to the United States,” White House Director of Domestic Policy Cecilia Muñoz said on a conference call with reporters Friday.

Munoz didn’t specify what “criminal networks” are masterminding the border swarming, which Sheriff Joe Arpaio has said is the deliberate plan of President Obama to push through amnesty and change the United States.

Arpaio said in a Newsmax interview that many of the children have already been processed and released into the interior of the United States, often into the hands of other relatives here illegally. He says that most of those released will not report as ordered to immigration officials within 30 days, swelling a population waiting for an amnesty bill.

Arpaio’s not the only  who thinks Obama is behind the waves of illegal aliens. Sen. Ted Cruz points to Obama’s 2012 executive order deferring deportation of young illegal immigrants, effectively instating by presidential whim the Dream Act that was rejected by Congress.

At a fundraiser this week, Cruz called the order a “lawless act” that grants amnesty to some immigrants and creates an incentive for crossing the border.

Some 45,000 children have been apprehended crossing the border so far this year, and they keep coming.

Can’t imagine why.

Ever since Obama’s order, all any person caught at the border has to say to be given a first-class welcome in the United States is “I’m a dreamer,” and the Border Patrol has to let them in.

In fact, Border Patrol agents have been some of the most vocal opponents of Obama’s immigration policy, which they say prevents them from doing their jobs. Obama policies have been blamed by border agents for the release of over 36,000 criminally convicted illegal immigrants in the past year alone.

The biggest hint that Obama’s White House is behind the blood of immigrants is practically a neon sign with his name on it. It’s come to light recently that the Administration actually posted on January 29 of this year, a request for a contractor to “escort” unaccompanied alien children, “UACs,” who cross the border. The request says the administration expects 65,000 children this year. How did the Department of Homeland Security know in January to expect 65,000 children, when the normal number per year would be closer to 10,000 or 12,000?

You can’t help but ask the question whether one of those “criminal organizations” spreading rumors about the good life waiting in the U.S. isn’t the White House itself.


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