White House Cover-Up of Illegal Activity Has Implications far beyond Labor Department

Emails prove a White House cover-up of illegal activity. This is a “double tap” on the most transparent and the most ethical administration in U.S. history.

As the Daily Caller reports,

Obama corruption

The Department of Labor coordinated with the White House on whether or not to release hidden portions of former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis’ schedule as Solis battled an FBI investigation into her illegal fundraising for President Obama.

New emails provided to The Daily Caller from the nonprofit legal research firm Cause of Action show the White House thanking the Department of Labor for “flagging” a public information request for “withheld” portions of Solis’ schedule. The White House then asked for the name of the conservative group making the request — information that Labor officials were eager to give up.

As TheDC previously reported, Solis illegally fundraised for the Obama campaign and headlined a Latino-themed Obama fundraiser while on a trip in her official capacity as a Cabinet member, which is forbidden by the Hatch Act.

A quiet, behind-the-scenes FBI investigation into Solis’ Hatch Act violation led to her resignation from the Obama administration at the beginning of his second term – and handed Solis a hefty check for legal advice from the Washington arm of the politically-connected Chicago law firm Sidley Austin. (The Daily Caller, meanwhile, is permanently banned from talking to employees at the Department of Labor — which oddly hasn’t stopped us.)

But Solis’ department continued coordinating with the White House on requests for Solis’ records.

What this means for the Barack Obama Administration and the Department of Labor is an interesting question. But it is far more interesting to ask how this criminal activity might have implications for other Departments. Our own Bob Allen commented,

So, the White House coordinated with the Department of Labor on suppressing incriminating evidence about illegal activities going on there. I wonder if they also “coordinated” with the IRS on covering up illegal actions?

Nah, you’re right… I’m sure they were only guilty in that one little case.

Right. Just one little case. Likewise, when Barack Obama exerts “executive privilege” to hide communications related to Fast and Furious from the light of day, I’m sure there is nothing corrupt about that at all. No, this was just one anomalous act in an otherwise stellar record.

Sure it was.