White House ‘Erases’ Jerusalem From Israel Map

Was it the hand of God that swept away Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights from Israel?

No, just the idle hands of the liberal wannabe godlings at the White House, making clear where the Administration’s opinions lie.

A map of Israel issued as part of a video briefing on President Obama’s Israel trip shows the “international community” borders of Israel — that is, the borders that the Muslim losers of the Six Day War who dominate the U.N. wish Israel had.

Based on the map’s boundaries, the Golan Heights are allocated by the White House to Syria, a chunk of Northern Israel is given to Lebanon, and all of Jerusalem is given to the West Bank.

The Washington Free Beacon noticed the redrawing of boundaries first, pointing out that language on the White House website also seems to imply that Jerusalem is not part of Israel.

According to other information released by White House officials, the Administration has already secured agreement by Israeli and Palestinian authorities to resume “land for peace” talks, in which Israel is being asked to give up control of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Obama has wanted for some time to push for creation of a Palestinian state with the so-called “1967 borders,” before a Muslim army got pantsed, wedgied and sent home in tears by the Israeli military.

The White House was not the only entity covering up history in the area as Obama arrived for his tour.

The Bethlehem Municipality, controlled by the Palestinian Authority, removed a stone monument that showed Palestine without Israel. Officials were apparently afraid Obama would see it.

Not that he would have minded.

Despite Obama’s pro-Muslim bias, a lot of Palestinians are upset about his visit this week to Bethlehem. Rioters earlier this week burned tires and pictures of Obama, and threw shoes at a U.S. diplomatic vehicle.

Other protesters posted signs demanding that Obama give them 3-G phone and Internet service. (Apparently they haven’t received their Obamaphones yet.)

Talk about gratitude.