White House Releases Photo Of Obama Playing With Toy Gun

For Father’s Day, the White House tweeted a photo of the President running around a swimming pool holding a squirt gun. The photo was accompanied by the message:  “Hope all the dads out there have a great Father’s Day weekend.”

The toy gun looked like a short semi-automatic “assault” rifle. It looked like one of his daughters in the pool also had one, and a faint stream of water can be seen jetting out of the barrel of her gun. The President’s gray shirt and shorts were bespeckled with darker gray water spots, indicating that he had probably been shot with a water gun, possibly by one of his daughters.

What’s this photo going to teach kids about guns? Gun control advocates should be outraged. Kids have been suspended from school for doing far less than running around with squirt guns. In fact, if a student were to bring a squirt gun to school and run around with it like the President was doing, I would be surprised if he weren’t arrested.

And all those poor, traumatized kids who had to witness the squirt gun. Surely they’d make the toy gunman pay for their mental health treatment and/or counseling.

Or look at the real-life example of Jared Marcum, a 14-year-old that lives in West Virginia. He got arrested and suspended for wearing an NRA t-shirt that featured a drawing of a gun. The shirt read, “Protect Your Rights.” He’s now facing a year in jail as well as a $500 fine. From The Blaze:

 “Marcum got into an argument with a teacher over his ‘Protect Your Rights’ NRA shirt at Logan Middle School in April. He was arrested for disturbing the education process and for obstructing an officer — the latter, according to court documents obtained by WOWK, because Marcum refused to stop talking, thus hindering the arresting officer from doing his job.”

 “Disturbing the education process?” Whatever happened to “diversity” and “inclusion?” What if that t-shirt was just how he wanted to “express himself?” Aren’t they all about students expressing themselves and celebrating their own arbitrary identities? Well, they are all about that, if it has to do with celebrating one’s own homosexual desires or “transgender” identity. But when it comes to the 2nd Amendment, you’re a hater and a bigot if you celebrate it. It “disturbs the education process.”

And the cop couldn’t subdue him, because the kid was talking too much. Maybe that cop made the wrong vocational choice.

I guess Eric Holder’s brainwashing tactics haven’t quite hit the Obamas yet. They need more conditioning to make them extremely fearful of anything that resembles a gun. Or, maybe the brainwashing was never meant for them. It only applies to “civilians.” The government can do whatever it wants.