Is the White House Telling us the Truth about North Korea?

Did the President and the FBI pull another Gruber on us, in relation to North Korea and the hacking of Sony? The evidence seems to point in that direction, say computer security experts. Looks more like Russians, than North Koreans.

Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.

Thus, we read in the New York Times, “New Study Adds to Skepticism Among Security Experts That North Korea Was Behind Sony Hack.”

A number of private security researchers are increasingly voicing doubts that the hack of Sony‘s computer systems was the work of North Korea.

President Obama and the F.B.I. last week accused North Korea of targeting Sony and pledged a “proportional response” just hours before North Korea’s Internet went dark without explanation. But security researchers remain skeptical, with some even likening the government’s claims to those of the Bush administration in the build-up to the Iraq war.

Fueling their suspicions is the fact that the government based its findings, in large part, on evidence that it will not release, citing the “need to protect sensitive sources and methods.” The government has never publicly acknowledged doing so, but the National Security Agency has begun a major effort to penetrate North Korean computer networks.

Because attributing the source of a cyberattack is so difficult, the government has been reluctant to do so except in the rarest of circumstances. So the decision to have President Obama charge that North Korea was behind the Sony hack suggested there is some form of classified evidence that is more conclusive than the indicators that the F.B.I. made public on Friday. “It’s not a move we made lightly,” one senior administration official said after Mr. Obama spoke.

Still, security researchers say they need more proof. “Essentially, we are being left in a position where we are expected to just take agency promises at face value,” Marc Rogers, a security researcher at CloudFlare, the mobile security company, wrote in a post Wednesday. “In the current climate, that is a big ask.”

Like the “Little Boy Who Cried Wolf,” this Administration is shredding every scintilla of credibility they would need in the event of an actual national crisis. The cost of pathological lying can be extremely high, when the stakes are large.

Then again, when has this Administration ever told the truth about anything? Anything at all? Maybe the key is to believe the exact opposite of everything they say. Perhaps that’s the starting point for every official statement.