White Reality Star Made Self to Look Asian—Commence Outrage

If liberals aren’t accusing someone of racism, then they aren’t breathing.

I saw the headline—”Kate Gosselin Appears To Make Racist Gesture in Twitter Photo”—and I thought, What on Earth is a “racist gesture”?

Racism is a feeling; gestures do not have feelings. Maybe she’s flipping off Obama in the picture, and since criticism of a black man for his liberal policies constitutes racism in the liberal book, they say that’s a racist gesture?

So I clicked the link (Huffington Post, surprise, surprise), only to see the former reality-TV mom in a photo that she tweeted in which she is wearing a black plastic “wig” on her head molded into the shape of a Japanese geisha’s hairstyle. She is also using her index fingers to pull the corners of her eyes askew so that she appears to squint—like Asians appear to.

Presumably it is Gosselin’s imitation of Asian eyes rather than Asian hair that got liberals whining, though it is a mystery to me what makes one worse than the other, and an even greater mystery what makes one or both bad at all.

Kate Gosselin married a half-Korean man and had eight quarter-Korean kids with him. I can assure any liberals reading this that (a) she is not anti-Asian, and (b) shut up.

Asians have squinty eyes. What is so ghastly about seeing that? Moreover, what is so shocking about saying what we see?

It’s almost as if liberals think the Asian look (squinty eyes and black, straight hair) is a bad thing. Why else would it be offensive to them to make oneself look Asian? Do liberals think it’s a bad look, a look that Asians are unfortunate to possess and that we must therefore not imitate when trying to represent Asians?

It reminds me of the time I went to the theater with several friends to see Tim Burton’s animated, feature-length remake of his own short film Frankenweenie. There was a Japanese character in the movie, a kid, voiced by someone affecting a stereotypical Japanese accent. Every time that character spoke a line, one of the particular friends I was with would remark in shock, “That’s so racist!” I’ve never gotten to the bottom of what is racist about wanting your character to be from Japan and being unable to properly pronounce the Engrish language. People in movies with country accents are not stereotyping southerners; the characters were just written to be characters with those accents. Quit whining.

Although stereotypes are harmless, in my factual opinion, squinty eyes are not a stereotype of Asians; they are an almost universal and observable truth about Asians, save for the ones in India and eastern Russia. If you animate your movie character to have the round eyes of the white folk, no one will know he is Asian; the squinty eyes are what give it away! And to hide those squinty eyes is an affront to Asians who have that look. (Fun glimpse into my past: I had a two-year crush on an Asian chick in elementary school. She had straight, black hair, and, yes, squinty eyes. On top of that, she had jacked-up teeth. I guess she was a racist for looking so stereotypically Asian.)

The Huffington Post article reads, “Gosselin has yet to comment on the photo on Twitter or on her blog.” Why would she comment on it? The beginning and end of any comment of hers would be, should be, “I made myself look Asian. Shut up and move on.”