Why a County Clerk is Different than the DMV

People are making false equivalences in their reasoning about what Kim Davis should do as a Christian who holds the office of County Clerk.

Someone posted this picture on Facebook:


This is funny (and makes a good point about the impossibility of pluralism and multiculturalism) but it misses the issue confronting Kim Rowan. The DMV is not run by a person elected by voters. The people staffing the DMV have no constituents. They are simply employees who can be fired for failing to do their duties.

The Rowan County Clerk is not an employee. Kim Davis was elected to the office. She ran for and assumed the office in good faith that she could sign marriage licenses. Marriage was understood for what it was—a relationship between a man and a woman.

Five Supreme Court justices illegally passed off their opinions that had nothing to do with the Constitution as official justice. They made a lawless ruling defining marriage as something it is not. In so doing, they ruled that every Christian in public office whose duties had anything to do with marriage must be removed from office. Of course, being liars, they didn’t openly admit that they were pulling off a coup in every state in the union. But they did it, nonetheless.

Kim Davis can no more sign a “marriage” license for two people of the same sex than she can sign an affirmation that 2+2=5. That is how ridiculous the Supreme Court’s power grab really is.

Since she is an elected official, I assume her constituents can be invited to recall her. But her opponants don’t want to go down that road because they would be humiliated. She would probably win better numbers than she had the first time. So it is up to the judge to try to force her to conform. I’m not sure what punishments he thinks will match those threatened by Jesus.

However, she could resign. Nothing dictates that she has to stay in her office and be beaten up by the servants of the five black robes.

But I’m glad she didn’t resign. The Five Hierarchs have pulled off a coup and Americans need to be confronted with what kind of violent anti-theocracy they have pursued. Violence and repression will only increase. The cities will once again have the bones of children under their foundation stones. (Actually, recent videos show they already do.)

America is gone. She occupies a jail cell.