Why did Obama want the consulate attacked?

Notice that I don’t ask, “Why did Obama want the Ambassador to die?” I don’t think we can assume that. I haven’t heard any story that posits animosity between Ambassador Stephens and the White House. So let’s assume that Stephens’ death was not an objective of the White House. Let’s also go with the story, for now, that Obama is more responsible for what happened than Clinton.

With that supposition, what do we have left?

Yesterday, Fox News broke the story that CIA in Benghazi requested and were denied help three times during the attack in Benghazi. More than that, CIA operatives were ordered to “stand down.” Tyrone Woods, a former Navy seal, disobeyed the orders and went to the consulate to help defend them from attack. They recovered the body of Sean Smith but couldn’t find the Ambassador.

When they returned to the CIA safe house, the attacker followed them. They repeatedly requested help from a Spectre gunship in the area. It was denied. For the entire ordeal they were in constant contact with their headquarters by radio. Two Special Forces teams were available but not sent to rescue the agents. Planes from Sigonella Air base that could have made it to the site in time were never scrambled. Two surveillance drones were present at the attack scene and were capable of sending back real time video footage.

At 4 a.m. Woods and his fellow fighter, Glen Doherty, were killed by a mortar. This was seven hours after the attack on the consulate began. This was plenty of time to get help to the Americans.

So the question we should ask is, “Why?” I heard one talk show host accuse the President of apathy and inaction. That doesn’t fit. How could the President and those he trusted all do nothing?

In all this confusion, incidentally, there is no information about when or how Ambassador Stevens died. As a Fox New Timeline reports, the body was simply delivered to the airport around dawn.

So if it was the White House that wanted the attack to continue, why would that be the case?

The answer for now is that, we don’t know, but I do have to say that parts of this embarrassingly conspiratorial claim don’t look as fantastic as it did when I heard of it the first time. Perhaps Obama wanted the Ambassador abducted safely but something went wrong. Perhaps the plan was to stage a rescue of the Ambassador as an October surprise.

I know it is easy to believe the worst about someone you don’t like. And evil men don’t always commit every evil act you can imagine of them. But until we have answers about who knew what when and who gave the orders, we have to fill the gaps in our knowledge with hypotheses and test them out by investigation. At one time, the idea of an “October Surprise” gone wrong seemed too absurd.

It still may not be true, but it doesn’t seem as outlandish a possibility anymore.