Why Distrust In Media Has Reached an All-time High

Gallup just released a poll that shows America’s distrust of media is at an all time high. 60% of those surveyed said that they have little or no trust in the media to report news fully, accurately and fairly. Most of those critical of the media identified as republicans. Conversely, and not surprisingly, those most trusting of the media identified as democrats. The survey also showed something else, also not-so-surprising:

…Republicans are the partisan group most likely to be paying close attention to news about national politics, with the 48% who are doing so similar to the 50% in 2008 and up significantly from 38% in 2004. Independents and Democrats are less likely than Republicans to be paying close attention, with their levels of attention similar to 2008 and 2004.

So, republicans are more likely to want to stay abreast of political issues, and democrats are more likely not to care. Which is why they like Obama. Since they don’t really care about political issues or seem to think about the implications of Obama’s embrace of collectivism, they’ll decide who to vote for based on who is better looking and who is “cooler,” or who can dance better. In this regard, he appeals to those in pop culture, who apparently love the idea of living off food stamps and paying more in taxes. Then again, I guess many of them haven’t really thought about it much.

I remember during the last presidential election, Sean Hannity would do a “man on the street” interview with people who said they were voting for Obama. He would try to point out to these people that Obama was a Marxist. They would deny it, so Sean would ask them, “Do you agree with this principle: from each according to their ability, to each according to their need.” The Obama voter would stop and think (which they aren’t used to doing) and say something like, “Yeah, that sounds right. It sounds fair.” At which point, Sean would inform the person that that was Marxism’s overarching tenet.

One reason republicans may not trust the media is that they see the media for what it is: a business. A business that makes its money from companies who advertise on their networks. Companies will only advertise on networks that are popular, and networks can charge more to advertise based on higher ratings that are fueled by more viewers. How do networks get more viewers? Not by telling the truth, but by saying what they think people want to hear. If media actually started telling the truth, they’d go out of business.