Why Fewer Americans Believe Homosexuality Is a Sin

There’s a new poll out that claims “[f]ewer Americans believe homosexuality is a sin than a little more than a year ago.” Ed Stetzer, president of LifeWay Research, claims the reason for the opinion shift “is most likely the result of President Barack Obama’s ‘evolved’ view of gay marriage.”

I have to disagree. The reason for the shift is due to the fact that a huge publicity and propaganda campaign has been waged by the very active homosexual community, the entertainment industry, and the educational establishment.

The fact that you will almost never hear a promoter of homosexual rights ever use the word “homosexual” is an indicator that semantic subterfuge is going on. The use of the word “gay” was carefully chosen to obscure the act of homo (same) sex sexual activity.

If I were ever invited on a talk show to address the topic of homosexuality, here’s the first question I would ask: Please define homosexual? A have a number of follow-up questions depending on the answer. I follow a similar line of questioning about the so-called “pro-choice” movement: What is a woman choosing to do?

Homosexual characters are rarely if ever shown engaged in homosexual activity on television. Rarely do you ever see a homosexual portrayed in film or on television in a negative way. Compare this approach to how business owners, anti-abortion activists, and religious people are portrayed.

Consider this list of categories on Wikipedia for television programs and films with LGBT characters:

  • List of animated television programs with LGBT characters
  • List of comedy and variety television programs with LGBT cast members
  • List of dramatic television series with LGBT characters
  • List of made-for-television films with LGBT characters
  • List of news and information television programs featuring LGBT subjects
  • List of reality television programs with LGBT cast members
  • List of situation comedies with LGBT characters
  • List of soap operas with LGBT characters
  • List of LGBT characters in film, radio, and TV fiction
  • Lists of American television episodes with LGBT themes
  • List of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender-related films
  • Transgender in film and television

Vice President Biden understood the propaganda feature in the TV show Will & Grace:

“I think ‘Will and Grace’ probably did more to educate the American public than almost anything anybody has ever done so far. And, I think people fear that which is different. Now they’re beginning to understand.”

What are the American people beginning to understand? Certainly not what homosexuals actually do that defines them as homosexuals. Homosexuality, in addition to being immoral, is contrary to reason and biology. The sexual parts don’t fit. If a person is not willing to acknowledge what God says about same-sex sex, then at least pay attention to what goes where in the sex act. This is normal sexual behavior? Come on!

Homosexuals divert attention from what homosexuals do to claim that it’s all about “love.” I love my mother, brother, two sons, and four grandchildren. Love does not require a sexual relationship, especially one as perverse as homosexuality.

So in the end, the reason we are losing the debate over homosexuality is that few people ever describe what homosexuals do. The same was true of abortion. With innovations in technology, more people are seeing what’s being aborted, and it’s not a glob of tissue. Until we stop using the word “gay” and go back to “homosexual” and define and describe it, we will continue to be overwhelmed by homosexual propaganda.