Why Hillary Clinton Can’t Promise Much to an Allegedly Homosexual Youth

Though Hillary Clinton got some easy PR by commenting about a homosexual youth on Facebook, wishes are not the same as facts.

The New York Times served as Hillary Clinton’s campaign loudspeaker: “Hillary Clinton Reassures Gay Youth in Viral Facebook Photo.”

Hillary Rodham Clinton offered moral support to a distraught gay youth who shared his anxiety about his future in a viral photograph posted on the Humans of New York Facebook page, telling him on Friday that it would be “amazing.”

The boy, who is not named in the photo, is shown frowning and holding his head in his hands while sitting on a stoop.

“I’m homosexual, and I’m afraid about what my future will be and that people won’t like me,” he said, according to the caption.

Two hours after the picture was posted, Mrs. Clinton typed out some words of encouragement and signed her comment “H,” indicating that it was written by her and not by a member of her staff.

“Prediction from a grown-up: Your future is going to be amazing,” she wrote. “You will surprise yourself with what you’re capable of and the incredible things you go on to do. Find the people who love and believe in you — there will be lots of them.”

How nice.

But let’s pretend that Clinton could manage to become president. What could she possibly to do make sure that his future is going to be amazing?

How much did Barack Obama do for African Americans? In many cases, they were worse off under his presidency.

It is one thing to give a person a bunch of wishful thinking. It is true that sometimes, adopting a positive outlook makes the difference in creating a better life. But such success stories are usually collected without any effort to see how rare or common they are. In other words, we have no idea how often a “positive attitude” really alters the outcome. One can easily see how it might be helpful, but it is hardly the deciding factor.

And the fact is that we have economic storms breaking that mean we really don’t know anything for certain about anyone’s future. With Greece and Puerto Rico drowning in debt, the cascading problems could easily be felt for more than a generation.

Hillary Clinton couldn’t do much to stop that, even if she recognized the problem accurately.

But beyond that, just how old is this homosexual youth?

While this whole thing seems contrived, as Rush Limbaugh pointed out yesterday, the age of this boy who is claiming to be homosexual seems disturbingly young.

Here is one of the early image captures of the Facebook page on Twitter:

Is he more than a child?

Does he really know with certainty that he is “gay”?

Now anyone who sees the child and recognizes him from the picture knows that he identifies himself as homosexual. I can imagine some very bad outcomes.

This whole episode seems strange, contrived, and creepy—as well as perverse.