Why Hollywood Generally Votes Democrat

Ever wonder why most actors lean left? I have some ideas:

They rarely live in reality. They spend a lot of their time acting like zombies or zombie-killers or space police or magical fairies (you know, like Harvey Milk), etc. You can’t blame them if their view of the world is a little fantastical.

They’re very concerned about appearances. When you’re an actor, you are largely nothing much more than a set of appearances. It’s not like you actually are anything. You’re a mouldable ball of amorphous clay ready to be shaped by the next director. You want to vote for something that looks good. It hardly matters whether it is good. Let’s see, do I wanna be seen as the kind of person that gives tax breaks to rich white people or as one who gives food to starving children?

They’ve pretended to be smart and important so much that they’ve forgotten they actually aren’t smart or important. Just because you play a rocket scientist or a brilliant author doesn’t mean you are one. Liberal politicians love these kind of cardboard cutout spokespeople though: they’re not smart enough to realize the stupidity of the plan they’re promoting, but everyone listens to what they’re saying because they’re celebrities. Hey, wasn’t that guy the astronaut in that movie? I bet he’s really smart.

They feel guilty about the money they make. If you made millions of dollars to play pretend, wouldn’t you feel bad about it? They buy into the “rich people are privileged… they don’t really work that hard for their money” rhetoric because it actually is kind of true in their case. I mean, they may work hard and everything… but is their compensation commensurate with their contribution to society? Hardly. So they tend to think a little redistribution is just. Obviously not a redistribution of their own money though. No, they don’t want to actually be generous. They just want to appear generous. And it’s easier to do that with other people’s money.

Conservatives aren’t cool. This goes back to the appearance thing, but conservatives are kind of the nerds of politics. And you know that the cool people can’t be seen hanging out with the nerds. It’s bad for their reputation. Didn’t you see how they turned on Dirty Harry?

Most of them live in California. What can I say? The place is weird. Think about it. All the people that couldn’t get along in Europe moved to the east coast in colonial times. Then within that separatist community, another community sprang up that couldn’t get along. They moved to west Tennessee… you know—the frontier. Then a community of even more crazy people split from them to move to the Northwest Territory. Eventually, the most separatist of the separatists got to the west coast and had nowhere to go, so they just collected in California: the outcasts, derelicts, outsiders, etc. They concentrated unnaturally in California until they eventually created the Camelot of their inability to get along with normal people: Hollyweird. And you can’t live there without being affected. It’s actually really similar to Washington, D.C. in that regard. That leads me to:

Being an actor is similar to being a liberal politician. You say and do things you don’t really believe in order to convince people you’re something you’re not. If you do it for long enough, even you can’t remember who you actually are or what you actually stand for.