Why I am a Radical Liberal Progressive

The left is always sugar-coating its real positions with misleading nomenclature. They never use the term “pro-abortion” for instance. It’s always “pro-choice.” They rarely say “homosexual.” It’s usually “gay” (they’re all very happy, after all). I’m sick of this. They call themselves radicalliberal… progressive. What does that mean? That we are superficial, narrow-minded, and retrogressive? That’s what they would like people to believe. Words and labels are important. And, as usual, they’re abusing them.

Radical comes from the root “root.” Being radical is getting to the root of things, assessing the nature rather than just the appearances of things. But is the left radical in this sense? No. They do want to change the fundamental nature of America, but they have not really looked all that deeply into the reality of what America is and was. All of their solutions are short-sighted ones—aimed at treating symptoms rather than addressing root problems.

Consider the welfare “cure” for poverty. It might give a little more money to some people who currently have little, but leftist “radicals” have failed to understand why most people are poor. It’s often not because they are “under-privileged.” It’s usually because they are lazy. And welfare doesn’t curtail laziness. In fact, it promotes it. That’s like thinking precipitation hurts the bug population just because you don’t see many mosquitos while it’s raining. So, leftists aren’t radical.

How about “liberal”? Well, the word originally applied to what we would call libertarians (Adam Smith and Edmund Burke were self-labeled liberals), and it has become about the most useless word around (next to nice and lolz). I like to be liberal when I’m applying mayonnaise to a BLT or tipping at a restaurant. And, whatever the left may say, so-called “liberals” are some of the most intolerant and close-minded people around. Need I mention Chick-Fil-A (for the googolplex to the infinity-eth time)? On the other hand, people who believe in smaller government tend to be much more open-minded. Think about it. They want you to be able to do what you think is best for yourself more often than they want you to be forced to do what their representatives think is best for you. “Liberals” don’t really care what you think is best for yourself. They want government to tell you what you should and shouldn’t be doing, believing, saying, etc. both inside and outside of your home and business. Doesn’t sound very liberal. Really, when they say “liberal,” they mean morally lax. But that isn’t for your sake. It’s for theirs. They just want to do whatever they want without anyone telling them it’s not a good idea… even if it makes everyone else miserable.

How about progressive? Nope. Under the “innovative” programs of social(ist) crusaders, the only things that have progressed are illiteracy, poverty, crime, injustice, and tyranny (to name just a few social ills).  And the policies that have gotten us into this mess aren’t all that novel either. People have been attempting them against all sound judgment for millennia and they have never worked. Ever. Leftists aren’t progressive either, then.

We shouldn’t be allowing them to do this. The fact is that reasonable, freedom-loving patriots have always been the most radical, most liberal, most progressive people around. And though we may have to give up these labels because they have been tainted by malapropist double-speakers, I just thought someone should set the record straight.