Why Shouldn’t Assad Get The Nobel Peace Prize If Obama Got One?

Newser.com is a valuable site because it summarizes the news and, by its selection and commentary, distills What We Are Supposed To Think ™ according to the establishment. Nowhere is this clearer than in their single paragraph summary about a recent statement from Syria’s embattled president:

That Bashar al-Assad sure is a kidder. When asked today to comment on the Nobel Peace Prize—which was awarded to the UN group currently working to dismantle his chemical weapons arsenal—the Syrian ruler quipped that it “should have been mine,” the AFP reports. The comment came in an interview with a pro-Syrian Lebanese newspaper, which wrote that he said it “jokingly.” Get it? The joke is that Assad is a war criminal.

No, the joke is that Newser expects us all to forget that the European Union has been granted the peace prize for imposing “austerity” on member countries and refusing to let them go. I’m not supporting Greek’s financial record but the road to recovery is to let them deal with their own expenses, not impose austerity from the outside and then given them “bail outs” that are really just new debts to their creditors to pay on the old debts. If you think of the EU getting the peace prize try to imagine the Greek riot police each having a copy of the trophy to use to bash in the heads of protesters. Perhaps we should change the name to Nobel Police Prize.

Before that Obama got the peace prize—the man that supported Al Qaeda to take over Libya and who is now doing the same in Syria. Of course, just to give a full picture, he has also prosecuted whistleblowers with more shameless zeal than all previous presidents . He has given us (along with an evil congress) indefinite detention and has pioneered secret but open assassinations of American citizens without trial—and also the murder of a teen son of an alleged terrorist.

(Yes I know Scahill is a Leftist. But so are all the people with whom Scahill is arguing; Scahill is right on this one.)

We can also remember that Henry Kissinger got the Nobel Peace Prize. Nothing says peace like indiscriminate and illegal carpet bombing of Indochina. And Woodrow Wilson openly championing “the war to end all wars” received it in 1919.

Don’t forget Teddy Roosevelt who, when not pushing “progressive” income tax and other parts of the liberal domestic agenda, was overseeing a disgusting war on the Philippines. TR stands apart from all others in actively lauding war as a social good that leaders should pursue as an opportunity to improve American character. So, naturally, he is another winner of the sainted Nobel Peace Prize.

Not all these people were equally bad. One might argue that some had great qualities. One or all may be morally superior to Assad. But they are no more deserving of anything called a “peace prize” in the English language.

The only joke here is the Nobel Peace Prize itself, and I don’t think it is worth laughing about.