Why the Rape Prevention Tips of Sarah Silverman are Stupid

Sarah Silverman aims her rape prevention tips at men, because rapists are all open to instruction—especially from a woman.


It will not be a shock to anyone that I think Sarah Silverman is a bona fide idiot. Her latest way of getting attention is to post some rape prevention tips. Naturally, she wins applause from other idiots. Here’s one writing in the Telegraph. She says of the rape tips:

Examples include:

‘Carry a rape whistle. If you find that you are about to rape someone, blow the whistle until someone comes to stop you’.

How about: ‘If you are in an elevator and a woman gets in, don’t rape her.’

Or: ‘Remember, people go to the laundry room to do their laundry. Do not attempt to molest someone who is alone in a laundry room.’

These are just three in a list of 10 ‘tips’ aimed at – you guessed it – would be rapists.

The tongue-in-cheek list first appeared in 2011, on a blog by the Washington State Coalition against Domestic Violence.

But it has now gone viral, after comedian Sarah Silverman posted it on Twitter, where is had been retweeted 3,500 times at the time of publishing.

In the original blog, a friend of the author explains that they don’t know whether to “laugh or be horrified” by the tips, adding:

‘If you experienced rape… you don’t need rape prevention tips. It is the rapist and the culture around us that excuses, supports, and looks away that we must change.’

It’s a serious point, behind a list that so cleverly skewers the practice of placing the onus on potential rape victims to change their behaviour (something I’ve written about before, in relation to anti-rape nail varnish that changes colour if your drink has been spiked).

It is not a serious point. If rapists were teachable people then they wouldn’t be rapists. You seriously think you need to tell someone as new information that women don’t go to the laundry room to be raped by a man? Please.

The way you deal with rapists is by catching them and punishing them and removing them from society. Preferably, this should be done by executing them but our Supreme Court has forbidden us from doing so. (Why do Feminists never rail against that?)

And what are we supposed to think about the repudiation of anti-rape nail varnish? If you catch someone spiking your drink then you not only prevent your own rape; you have a chance of exposing someone and at least getting them listed with the police (I have no idea what the penalty is for spiking a drink with the attempt to rape. Hopefully it is severe and this would, again, actually remove a rapist or would-be rapist from society).

So why are women any less responsible for getting rid of criminals than men are? Why are non-rapist males somehow supposed to make rape go away without in any way expecting women to do anything even for their own protection?

How does an attitude that stupid vulnerability is righteous and taking care of yourself is male oppression liberate or empower women?

Sarah Silverman is empowering rapists with her stupid “advice” that she knows no rapist will pay attention to. They will, however, be happy to find women who think such advice “makes a serious point,” because such women will be easier to rape.

As far as “blaming the victim” is concerned, why doesn’t feminist logic apply to any other crime?

If I go to the police and claim, truly, that I was robbed of a hundred dollars, they will treat me as a crime victim. But if they find I intentionally went to a place that was known as a high crime area, and held fifty dollars in each hand to show people around me, they might (rightfully) ask why I did something so dangerous and stupid.

Women and men should (and do, duh) demand that rape be punished and condemned. But they can’t expect men (or women) to somehow magically make rapists disappear. They have to be caught, exposed, and removed.

If the problem lies in how these rapists were raised from childhood, the fact remains that women are every bit as involved in raising and teaching children as men are. If society is responsible for rapists in that sense then the responsibility is sex-neutral.

Judging by the twitter comments that are shown in the Telegraph, it seems to be somehow feminist to demand that men make all rapists disappear as their proper duty to women. I appreciate feminists taking such a traditionalist approach, but it is difficult to catch a rapist without a context in which he exposes himself.

So maybe you do need to think about getting your own rape whistle after all.

Or better, get your own concealed handgun.