Wikileaks Shows Secret Trade Deal Includes Giving Obama More Immigration Authority analyzed the wikileak documents and found a “chapter” on executive immigration authority.

Thanks to Wikileaks, we already know that privacy is compromised by the trade deal. Since Congress is set to give Barack Obama special fast track authority, it becomes almost certain that the treaty will be passed. So we effectively have Congress voting an Obamatrade bill into law in order to find out what’s in it. Pelosi was apparently an innovator and model for Republicans when she advocated passing Obamacare so we could find out what is in it.

According to Breitbart there is another issue addressed in the secret bills: immigration. According to their analysis, the Trade in Services Act (TiSA) will “massively expand” the immigration authority of the President.

In 2003, the Senate unanimously passed a resolution that said no immigration provision should be in trade agreements – and in fact, former Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) voted for this resolution.

The existence of these 10 pages is in clear violation of that earlier unanimous decision, and also in violation of the statements made by the U.S. Trade Representative.

“He has told members of Congress very specifically the U.S. is not negotiating immigration – or at least is not negotiating any immigration provisions that would require us to change our laws. So, unless major changes are made to the Trade and Services Agreement – that is not true,” said [Rosemary] Jenks [the Director of Government Relations at Numbers USA].

She found three areas that would change current immigration law. First, there are forty industries that would be exempted from an economic needs test. Currently, in order to get a visa to foreign workers, there must be no American workers who can or want to do the job. Secondly, it massively shortens the visa approval process raising the question of whether security will truly be addressed. Related to this security issue, it eliminates the requirement for face-to-face interviews as “too burdensome.” Finally, it seems to leave open the possibility of changing the duration for visas (L-visas currently last seven years).

This is only a draft, so there may be changes. That means these issues might be removed. It also means that more and much worse things might be inserted into the agreement. Once Obama has fast track authority, he can pretty much do what he wants.