Will Christians Let Mistaken Theology Weaken Them in the Coming Struggle?

We need to think about whether we are allowing mistaken theology to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Does mistaken theology weaken the Church’s impact?

Divorced from any specific context or application, I think every Christian would agree it very clearly does–any time we misunderstand God’s plan and truth, it hampers our witness, and tarnishes men’s perception of His glory to some degree.

Dr. McDurmon has a profound point here: Does a team taking the field with zero authentic hope of victory have any chance at all of emerging with a ‘win’?

A website of premillennialists has just come out and said what American Vision has been pointing out for a long time: premillennialism logically entails cultural surrender, and when cultural defeats happen, premillennialists secretly love it—“we’re one step closer!” Except now, it’s no secret (as if it ever was!).

Seriously, no matter what your eschatology (view of the last days) you have to admit that none of us truly knows the day nor the hour when everything will be wrapped up. So instead of assuming we’re going to ‘lose’ in our time, why don’t we live and plan and pray as if in this generation God will enable us—by the power of His Spirit within us—to win?

In other words, even if you’re convinced the Bible teaches things will get worse and worse in the very end, why in the world would you convince yourself that you know when that end is, and pretend as if you know that “losing” is to happen now?

Christians who made a massive difference in the world lived as if their mission could not fail—they strove with everything God provided to win the world for Jesus’ sake. They believed “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Yet American and other Western Christians—who have lived in spiritual Disneyland more than any other believers in history—are now convinced this must be the end just because our little time in Fantasyland appears to be headed for an end. Please!

As for me, I do not know what God’s timing is, but I will continue to argue, and work, and love as if Christ is not returning for 2000 years. I assume that the Spirit poured out is more than capable of transforming any depth of darkness into marvelous light. I pray and strive for victory, and accept whatever interim difficulties may come in the meantime.

Don’t get caught in a limited theological and intellectual ghetto. Challenge yourself to read the views of other godly Christ-followers who believe differently than you do. Don’t merely accept the dismissals of those within your own ‘tribe’—I can’t count how many presentations of ‘postmillennialism’ I’ve read and heard which don’t match what any postmillennialists I know believe!

Do you believe in a God of absolute sovereignty? Do you believe we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus? (And this is not to deny we can conquer, even as others kill us!) This is a time to go deep with God, and to seek His face for the strength to be and do all that He intends for the sake of this generation. This is a time to storm the gates of Hell—to challenge Satan’s governance, in Jesus’ Name–and rescue those who are perishing all around us.

Throw away the white flags. Let’s do this. Let’s roll!