Will Christine O’Donnell Ever Get Justice Against Her Government Enemies?

I don’t mean the odious Karl Rove, but rather her enemies in the Delaware political machine.

The short answer to my question is: not likely.

From the Washington Times: “Congressional inquiry on Christine O’Donnell tax records heats up but truth may stay hidden.”

Powerful committees in both chambers of Congress now want answers to questions surrounding Christine O’Donnell’s personal tax records and whether the Delaware Republican’s private information was illegally accessed and ultimately used in an effort to derail her 2010 U.S. Senate bid.

The House Ways and Means Committee has joined the Senate Finance Committee in probing a string of incidents dating back to March 2010, when Ms. O’Donnell — a tea party favorite who riled Delaware’s GOP establishment by besting party mainstay Mike Castle in a primary contest before losing to Democrat Chris Coons in the general election — was told by Treasury Department investigators that her tax information had been breached.

Since then, Ms. O’Donnell has run into roadblock after roadblock in her search for answers as officials at the IRS, in Delaware state government and at the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration remain tight-lipped.

I have no idea if O’Donnell would have been a great Senator or not. But she could have been awful and still also been superior to most. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is that people who held the public trust (try not to laugh) probably broke laws in order to derail a candidate. They violated privacy using privileged access to information that no one else was supposed to see.

Now looking back on it, this was a forerunner of the IRS scandal and the current attempt to expose Hollywood conservatives. As O’Donnell told the Washington Times,

Unless this is all exposed, unless every level of inappropriateness and corruption is exposed, I certainly won’t be the last person to be politically intimidated like this.

That shouldn’t happen to anyone. It is criminal. It means the government currently in power gets a free hand to use public money and confidential knowledge to cripple democratic opposition.

And yet these corruptocrats want us to trust them with the NSA’s domestic spying.