Will Congress Resist the FCC or Not?

The FCC is making partisan war and Congress needs to respond!

If this is true, Congress needs to get off their rear ends and take action.

Matthew Berry

I think defunding the entire FCC budget might get their attention. Does anyone see a problem with such secrecy in a government agency that is making decisions impacting private commerce? Are we now in a full-on Communist system?

[See also, “FCC Grab of the Internet being Kept Secret from Us Peasants.”]

Enough is enough! This is from the “most transparent administration in history” Someone needs to realize we’re at war here—a war for our freedom. The enemies are our own tyranny-loving countrymen.

The time for playing “nice” is past with these demons… the Senate and House need to strap on a little courage and bust some heads! This is not how it’s done in a free country. We do not have rulers… we have public servants.