Will Conservatives Listen to Pat Buchanan?

Pat Buchanan has issued a much-needed warning for Republicans, but it also applies to conservatives.


On Wednesday, Pat Buchanan published a Jeremiad to the Republican Party at Townhall.com: “Will the GOP Kick It Away?

Why, then, would the Republican Party, with a chance to sweep it all in 2016, want to return us to the nightmare days of George W., which caused America to rise up and throw the party out in 2006 and 2008?

Do Republicans really believe that America wants a return to the Cold War with Moscow and new and larger hot wars in the Middle East?

After reviewing efforts of the Republican Party to scuttle the Iraq nuclear deal, Buchanan asks about Tom Cotton’s letter to Iran.

The letter’s purpose was the same as Bibi’s purpose — to scuttle, sabotage and sink any U.S. nuclear deal with Iran. But if there is no deal and Iran returns to enriching uranium to 20 percent, we are on the road to war.

Is this what America has to look forward to if it votes GOP?

Another Middle Eastern war, with a country twice the size of Iraq, to strip the country of weapons of mass destruction it does not have?

Didn’t we just do that at a cost of 4,500 dead, 35,000 wounded warriors and $1.7 trillion?

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham, mulling a presidential run, has called Kerry “delusional” and charged Obama with timidity. Why? Because, said Lindsey, “he didn’t call Putin the thug that he is.”

Is this what America wants, a president who will call the ruler of Russia, who has thousands of nuclear weapons and is supported by 85 percent of its people, a “thug”? Is that presidential leadership?

How does name-calling at that level advance U.S. interests?

When the Tea Party started, it was aimed at stopping suicidal levels of spending and debt. It was a reaction to George W. Bush’s stupid “stimulus” strategy for trying to head off recession, and the TARP bailout plunder. It was a true conservative movement.

And it may still be that.

But if all the GOP has to do is saber-rattle about Ukraine and Iraq to get conservatives willingly joining the GOP in their push for a renewed wars, then we are doomed to historical irrelevance.

Republicans think it is all too easy to hitch their wagon to conservative laborers. Like we’re a house pet, some of the worst of the Establishment Republicans throw us treats and expect us to bark on command.

If conservatives can’t resist the war drums, they will be defeated.