Will Dems Hold Illegal Immigrants Hostage? We Won’t Know Because Republicans Aren’t Serious.

Right now there are supposedly many millions of people living in the United States who are here illegally. Some were raised here and may not have known that they were basically violating the law by being here. The Democrats have constantly claimed to want to help these people. They have demanded we all support a big-government boondoggle for the sake of these illegal immigrants.

And now the Republicans have come up with a counter offer:

The Washington Times headline reads: “House GOP wants legal status but no citizenship for illegal immigrants.” And then the second line: “Calls granting them full citizenship unfair and contrary to the rule of law.”

While I don’t necessarily support this plan, I do think it is a lost opportunity.

It is too bad Democrats don’t seem to be taking the Republican stance seriously because they expect the position to be softened. If they thought that the Republicans were serious, I think they would be completely opposed. They would prefer the aliens they claim to want to help remain illegal rather than see them be permitted to live and work here without the right to vote.

Or the right to vote Democrat in most cases.

You know the Republicans aren’t being serious because one of their demands is “a ‘zero tolerance policy’ for future illegal immigrants.” How can Republicans possibly enforce this with Democrats? We already have government agencies violating the law to bring in illegal immigrants. Republicans should know that demanding future behavior from Democrats in exchange for a present change in the law is the same as giving away the change in the law in exchange for nothing.

So what could be a test to show the Democrats true colors—that they don’t care about immigrants unless they can become voting citizens—will not work out that way.

An editorial in the Washington Times demonstrates just how insane our Republicans are being. If the Republicans would just wait until 2014, they would have much more freedom to craft the immigration bill or bills that they like. If they want immigration reform then why not redouble efforts to gain power in the 2014 elections? Then, if Obama threatens to veto it, why not just hold off until 2016?

Instead, they are pushing for a vote before the elections. This will not only give Democrats more power to shape the bill, but it will also make the Republican future less certain as conservatives get disgusted and refuse to vote Republican.

So what is the problem? Why not wait until 2014 or 2016? Why does this have to be taken care of this year?