will.i.am brings free-market capitalism to the DNC

You can’t fault the DNC for trying. A panel discussion on jobs creation that claimed to be “A Bipartisan Search for Solutions to the Jobs Crisis” included such noted job creation experts as Tom Brokaw, Rosario Dawson, and Black Eyed Peas singer, will.i.am. I’m not exactly sure where the “bipartisan” aspect of the panel was being displayed, but it was hosted by The Huffington Post, so we’ll forgive them for not knowing what that word actually means.

The highlight of the (spoiler alert) dry as dust discussion was will.i.am’s soliloquy about one of his pet projects: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math education in schools (STEM). Understand that will.i.am is an Obama supporter, through and through. Quite apart from his celebrity as a rapper/singer, will.i.am has used his platform among youth to promote education and preparation for adulthood. He recognizes that young kids need to be trained and pointed in different directions than they are currently in order to be able to successfully integrate into the workforce. He believes kids need to be not just educated, but trained in order to be effective contributors to the American workforce. And on this he is absolutely correct. He has even put up quite a bit of his own money toward implementing STEM programs around the country, not to mention one in England.

All this is well and good and is certainly necessary, but what seemed to escape the notice of the applauding liberal drones in the panel discussion audience—and probably even to some degree, will.i.am himself—was that other than supplying the building where the STEM education takes place (i.e. the local government school), government plays no part in will.i.am’s strategy. In fact, horror of horrors, corporations, businesses, and entrepreneurs—utilizing the free-market principles of competition and supply and demand—get to have the most input (and the most benefit) from the will.i.am strategy of job creation. In other words, an outspoken big-government liberal like will.i.am, understands that government is not the vehicle for creating jobs—the free-market is. And he is willing to put his own money down to fund such a program. Here it is, in his own words:

“When we should start connecting companies to STEM and stimulate these kids to come up with new entrepreneurial, innovative technologies so that Black Friday every Thanksgiving a 15-year-old can have the bestselling product. Once you have that you’ll have new job creation and a whole new vision on kids wanting to be scientists, technicians engineers and mathematicians. We can start that in America. Just like we started Santa Claus. Coca-Cola is responsible for that. So companies help define what we did fourth quarter. They helped create this whole new Disneyland and Kodak. Now if it wasn’t for Instagram, Kodak would still be around, but that was the juggernaut that killed Kodak. And from there goes News Corp. because of Twitter and the combination of Instagram, Facebook and the whole new way of taking images. But those are all new innovative, disruptive technologies that came from the youth.”

Aside from his mumblings about Coca-Cola creating Santa Claus (!), will.i.am is giving a short course on free-market economics, complete with “evil” corporate empires calling the shots and receiving direct benefits. It is all very surreal in how completely counterintuitive this is to the mindset of the Democratic Party as a whole. Will.i.am is undermining their whole nanny-state platform and they are mindlessly clapping in lapdog approval. It all goes to show that Democrats are more concerned with who is saying it, rather than what is being said.

For one, I am all for will.i.am’s approach to job creation and I would wholeheartedly support his method being implemented nationwide; because it is, in reality, a bottom-up approach that is driven by the local economy, rather than a top-down approach driven by know-nothing government bureaucrats in Washington. Will.i.am might want to be a little more careful about what he says; he may be asked to speak at the RNC next time around.