Will Mitt Romney Address the Looming Debt Storm?

Hurricane Isaac plans to barge in the Republican National Convention as an uninvited guest. He’s not likely to be much worse than some heavy thunderstorms and heavy winds, but he will be seen and heard. The convention delegates, alternates, guests and media personnel will try to forget that Isaac is there as they get a heavily concentrated dose of “republicanism” from the various speakers and videos that they will be showing. These speakers and videos will highlight Obama’s atrocities and make the case for a Romney presidency and get everybody fired up. While the storm wages outside, those inside will be oblivious in a temporary state of euphoria as they crown Romney their king.

But what about those other storms that the politicians’ teleprompters and speechwriters rarely bring up? We have a debt crisis that has been looming for decades that will only end in disaster if we don’t change course drastically. I’m not just talking about the $16 trillion national debt, which is bad enough, increasing at $41,000 every second.

Did you know that over the next 10 years, Congress will have to shell out over $6 trillion just to pay the interest on the national debt? Did you know that in the year 2000, the amount the federal government owed in entitlements (Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security) was over $20 trillion, and today it’s over $70 trillion, maybe even as high as $120 trillion? These numbers are unfathomable.

The U.S. government now owes more in obligations than the net worth of all U.S. citizens, small businesses, and large corporations combined. The U.S. entitlement system grows by $14 billion every day. There is literally no way that these debts and entitlements can ever be paid or satisfied except through a total dollar collapse. The Fed cannot create enough money fast enough to pay it off. It’s not a question of if this debt storm will hit us. It’s when. Will Romney and Ryan address these issues seriously?

Will Romney try to wean the U.S. off entitlements? Will he refuse to approve tax increases? Will he cut taxes? Will he work to scale back the size and scope of the Federal Government? Will he be in favor of “phasing out” the Fed, the center of the whole financial mess, and approve of competing currencies like gold and silver?

Will he want to audit the Fed and find out how many trillions of dollars is being created and “loaned” to foreign governments, banks, corporations and international financial institutions, and why? Will he refuse to consider any corporation to be “too big to fail?” Will he refuse to bail out his buddies with our tax dollars? Will his administration refuse to approve foreign aid or bailing out foreign countries during their debt crises? Will he cut spending overseas and focus on national defense instead of international offense? My guess is probably not. (And it won’t be entirely his fault.)

And so most Americans will remain oblivious to the financial storm that’s headed our way. We’ll be kept distracted with “bread and circuses” as our Federal Government continually strips away our liberties one by one and spends us into slavery. We can’t depend on politicians to help us out of this mess. The only thing we can do is prepare for the storm, and when it comes, wait it out, and maybe we’ll come out alive.