Will Obamacare Become the New Normal?

There is a somewhat encouraging article on the Heritage Foundation’s website about how Obamacare is not here to stay. As the article pointed out, in spite of Obama’s win, polls show that the majority of Americans remain opposed to Obamacare. Most want to repeal it either in whole or in part. Also, there is still bipartisan opposition to the bill. A bill to repeal the section of Obamacare implementing the Independent Payment Analysis Board (the infamous “death panel”) has garnered 234 co-sponsors. And the fairly recent Supreme Court decision that called Obamacare constitutional was only one of many lawsuits brought against the Federal government pertaining to the monstrous health care legislation. There are about forty such lawsuits on behalf of about a hundred different plaintiffs that have not been heard yet. As more of the law unravels and causes more and more businesses to fold under the pressure of regulations and taxes, there will certainly be more lawsuits to come.

Things do seem to be looking up, but I remain skeptical because Americans don’t get outraged enough to change things this big. Once the initial shock of such legislation wears off, we grow complacent and just accept the fact that we live in a tyranny. I fear that Obamacare will become the new normal, and in 5 or 10 years, the idea of repealing Obamacare will be looked at as crazy even by those identifying as conservative Republicans.

Mainstream Republicans used to talk about completely getting rid of the Department of Education. Nowadays, that’s considered crazy. Whether or not we get rid of the department doesn’t even enter into the debate. Debates are over how much funding should go into schools, what kinds of programs need to be implemented, whether we should allow creation science to be taught, whether we should allow prayer, etc. All those issues would be moot if we got rid of the entire federal ED.

As time goes on, the debate over Obamacare will be less and less about repealing it and more and more about tinkering around the edges. Politicians in both parties will fight over who gets to manage and control it, and no one will seriously work to dismantle it. Why would they when John Boehner has already declared Obamacare to be the “law of the land?” In effect, Boehner is saying it’s too late. The Supreme Court has already ruled it to be Constitutional, so there’s no point in trying to repeal it. We just need to focus on compromising and “working together.”

Obamacare will be like the Department of Education. Right now, conservatives are still in the “repeal” mindset, which is good. But given enough time, it wouldn’t be surprising if representatives on both sides of the aisle eventually voted to double Obamacare’s budget, as they doubled the size of the ED.

I hate to be pessimistic, but Republicans don’t have a good track record of fighting successfully against big government. Many have tried fighting against it, but most just play the game. It’s so much easier to “go along to get along.” They’re more concerned with being good “team players” than with voting on principle. Do most of them even have principles?