Will Other Republicans Get Behind Ted Cruz?

Ted Cruz took on mealy mouthed Harry Reid on the Senate floor. It was a sight to behold and a delight to the ears. It’s worth watching. Cruz’s fellow-Republicans should take notes, find a good surgeon, and get a backbone transplant.

Cruz is the face of the GOP’s future. The Democrats know it.

James Carville applauded Senator Cruz this past weekend. He was extremely complimentary and accurate. According to Breitbart.com here are some of the highlights of what Carville had to say: “I think he’s the most talented and fearless Republican politician I’ve seen in the last 30 years . . . he is going to be something to watch . . . you hear this a lot: ‘If we only got someone who was articulate and was for what we were for, we would win elections. And we get these John McCains and these Mitt Romneys and these squishy guys who can’t do anything.’”

Cruz is articulate and stands for what conservatives want. And “squishy” he’s not. When a Democrat of James Carville’s stripe congratulates a Conservative Republican, however, it’s time to call in the Marines.

Carville’s approach differs from that of most Democrat apparatchiks. Take former New Mexico Governor, Bill Richardson, self-appointed paragon of liberal virtue. He decided that Senator Cruz has no right to be identified as “Hispanic” because he does not support the Gang of Eight’s amnesty policy.

His attempt to walk back the remark the following day was laughable. In typical, “I’m–a-Democrat-who-got-caught” fashion, Richardson claimed his comment was “misinterpreted.” No sale.

Richardson’s recorded statements had been delivered in characteristic Democrat attack-dog fashion. Richardson had preened on Sunday television, airing views that would have spawned an avalanche of criticism from the PC Police against anyone not demonstrably leftist: “Almost every Hispanic in the country wants to see immigration reform. No, I don’t think he should be defined as a Hispanic. . .  He’s a politician from Texas, a conservative state. . . . I know he’s sort of the Republican latest flavor. . . . He seems to be charismatic, but I don’t like his politics. . . .[W]hat I don’t like is when you try to get things done — it’s okay to be strong and state your views, your ideology, but I’ve seen him demean the office, be rude to other senators, not be part of, I think, the civility that is really needed in Washington.”

Richardson, clearly not a MENSA candidate, exposed some ankle, here:


  1. Who elected Richardson arbiter for what “almost every Hispanic in the country” does or does not want?
  2. Ted Cruz is “from Texas, a conservative state.” When did those facts become a national detriment?
  3. No, indeed. There is nothing about Cruz’s politics for Richardson to like. Leftists certainly don’t like it when there is interference in their getting things done. Cruz has proven a most effective stumbling block for the Left and any number of establishment Republicans.
  4. “Rude?” “Demean the office?” Cruz is “sort of the Republican latest flavor?” If Richardson thinks Senator Cruz has been rude or demeaned the office, he hasn’t listened to his own trash talk. Or Harry Reid’s.


Carville’s assessment of Senator Cruz becomes all the more striking compared with rhetoric like this.

Senator Cruz has an impeccable, conservative pedigree. James Carville knows it. He wasn’t throwing roses at Senator Cruz’s feet. He was sounding an alarm. He wasn’t giving Cruz kudos. He was declaring political DEFCON One. Carville made it clear: “I further think that he’s going to run for president and he is going to create something.”

Senator Cruz has become a political force to be feared by Democrats. Now watch for the long knives to come out in earnest.