Will Texas Become California 2?

Who hasn’t heard the new pro-immigration ads? It seems like they’re playing on every news-radio station, all day, every day. Americans for a Conservative Direction is a lobbying group put together by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is definitely not a conservative. The southern RINO Haley Barbour is also involved.

The ads posit the notion, put forth by Republicans Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan, that the current immigration system is de facto amnesty. They neglect to mention that the current system bears no resemblance to and follows virtually none of the thousands of immigration laws already on the books.

Rubio and Ryan take turns promoting the new 1000-page “comprehensive” bill, saying, “Let’s secure the border.” But that’s not what’s in the bill. It says that DHS shall submit a plan to secure the border — that’s it.

In the ad both senators claim, illegals will “undergo background checks, start paying taxes, won’t qualify for federal benefits, pay a fine, learn English, and no amnesty.” They claim that if illegals do all these things they will then go to the end of the immigration line.

Sure they will.

And what if they don’t do all those things? Will we deport them? Of course not.

So no matter what they say, in actuality, between 11 and 20 million illegals will become legal. Litigation will see to that. Mark my words.

Don’t believe me? Let’s take a ride back to 1986 and examine IRCA, the Immigration Reform and Control Act that was passed during Reagan’s administration.

This failed law allowed amnesty for in excess of 2.7 million illegals (a fraction of today’s numbers). It greatly contributed to the downfall of California with over 40% of all illegals ending up in California and Texas. California used to be conservative state. Time will tell if Texas becomes California 2.

But did IRCA accomplish what the liars in 1986 claimed it would do? Did they shut down the border and end or greatly decrease illegal immigration?

According to a study done by the Cato Institute, “IRCA did not achieve its goal of reducing illegal inflows and the size of the undocumented population. Illegal immigration quickly resumed growing and legal immigration increased because the families of legalization beneficiaries immigrated.”

The study added that stricter enforcement has had little actual deterrent effect. But of course, we all know there is no “stricter” border security.

Cato warned of the potential burden of legalizing so many unskilled immigrants. Almost half of all adult illegals did not have a high school education, and they comprised 22% of all non-high school graduates.

As we conservatives know today and was expressed after passage of the 1986 law, “the number of immigrants far exceeded expectations.” Big surprise!

Newly legalized women were found to have left the workforce. Why? They suddenly became eligible for government giveaway programs.

The study added that the new adult citizens could then sponsor relatives. Eleven million immigrants my foot. Try double or triple that number.

And all those new arrivals will of course be taking advantage of the freebies we so generously offer. How stupid are we?

Cato concluded that amnesty can create the expectation of additional future amnesties which encourage continued illegal inflows.

So what have we learned from the debacle of 1986? Absolutely nothing. Check that. We’ve learned that politics and elections trump the nation’s security and our ever-dwindling resources.

We’ve also learned that whatever the era, politicians lie.