Will the Government Shutdown in October?

Yeah, we’ve all heard it before, the government will shut down and default on its loan payments if Congress doesn’t pass the necessary legislation.  And at the last minute, some compromise is reached to avert the impending financial doom.  Lately, it’s been Republicans that have compromised to meet Obama’s demands.

So again, come October, we face another possible government shut down.  The lines are being drawn between some Republicans and the Democrats.  At issue is funding for Obamacare and the dreaded Sequestration.

To date, twelve GOP senators have stated that they will not approve any spending measures that will continue to fund Obamacare.  Among them are 2016 presidential hopefuls Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Marco Rubio (R-FL).  They have been joined by senators John Thune (R-SD), Jim Inohofe (R-OK) and Mike Lee (R-UT) who authored the letter written to Sen. Harry Reid.

House Republicans are also taking a stand against any measure to fund Obamacare, even if that means the government will shut down because of it.  So far 69 GOP House members have signed a letter that will be handed to Rep. John Boehner, Speaker of the House.

The funding of Obamacare isn’t the only reason that Republicans are making a stand.  Obama has stated that he will not sign any spending bill that maintains the current spending cuts that were instituted by the sequestration.  The $100 billion cuts are said to be unfathomable and cannot be made permanent.  However Republicans do not want to increase spending, but work towards further reductions and insist on fiscal responsibility.

In response, Obama has threatened to allow the government to shut down unless he is presented a spending bill with more spending and funding for Obamacare. Ironically, sequestration was Obama’s idea to begin with.  He set the parameters of it and he signed it into action in March of this year.  He could have blocked it from taking place by not signing it, but no, he signed his own threat into law.  As Rep. Tim Griffin (R-AR) said:

“You’ve got a president who is pledging to shut down the government if the Congress passes spending bills at the levels he set.  I don’t know what to say except, I guess they are flailing … this is mind-boggling.”

The closer we get to October, the more we’re going to hear about the showdown to the shutdown.  Like an old western, we’ll see the GOP gunfighters walking slowly from the end of the street with Obama and his gang walking from the other end of the street.  When they reach the October mark in the street, guns will be drawn and bullets will be flying.  Who will be left standing in the end?  Will Obama and gang win and the government goes back to spending wildly as if there’s no limits or will the GOP gang win and reign in the outlaw spenders and shut down the federal purses?  Guess we’ll just have stand on the sidewalk and watch what happens.