Will Voters Finally Get Tired of Obama Campaign’s Lying?

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me a couple hundred times … shame on the other guy.

That seemed to be the attitude of many voters who have been fervently supporting Obama up until recently.

Despite any of scores of reasons why re-electing King Obama to the presidency would be a bad idea, a maddeningly large number of his supporters just would not let reality sink in.

The recent video blaming Mitt Romney for the death of a woman with cancer, though, may have finally punched a hole through the Obama camp’s defenses.

In the video, Joe Soptic tells the tragic story of his wife’s death and essentially lays it at Romney’s doorstep. No surprise from the Obama camp, the video isn’t exactly truthful. For one thing, despite his claims in the video, Soptic’s wife apparently had her own insurance after his layoff. Also, the video paints a direct link between Soptic’s layoff and his wife’s illness. She actually died five years after he was laid off, seven years after Romney left Bain Capital.

The Obama camp has been trying to run from any connection to the ad, saying they had no knowledge of Soptic’s story before the Priorities USA ad aired. However, Obama adviser Stephanie Cutter was caught on tape earlier this year thanking Soptic for telling his story during a conference call.

The ad and the impromptu coverup by the Obama camp has been so vile that even former Clinton adviser Lanny Davis called it “misleading and disgusting.”

The ad has apparently backfired on the campaign. According to Gallup, King Obama’s approval rating dropped 3 percent and his disapproval rating rose 3 percent since the commercial came out. Support for Romney rose 1 percent. The Rasmussen Poll also showed Romney gaining support off the ad.

Perhaps rattled by the backlash, Team Obama seems to be regrouping on its primary plan to attack Romney with phony claims of tax fraud and other financial crimes.

In addition to Sen. Harry Reid’s slander about “someone” telling him Romney’s a tax cheat, the newest Obama ad accuses Romney of involvement in the “notorious tax scandal” in which Marriott International took advantage of a tax shelter called the “Son of Boss” shelter, which was later challenged by the Department of Justice.

Romney spent six years as the chairman of the Marriott audit committee. His campaign, though, says suggestions that he personally knew about any underhanded dealings are false and come from an op-ed piece published last week on CNN.com by — shocking — two big Democratic Party donors.

All of this distraction, of course, is because Obama’s record is that of a mind-numbingly incompetent, anti-American, lying weasel. So the strategy is to shower Romney with false accusations that he feels obliged to answer and leave the impression that he is even more incompetent than the socialist in chief.

While there are some signs that people are seeing through these tactics, so far they seem to be working.