Without Government Help Who Would Make Healthcare More Expensive?

The Manhattan Institute has a map of the United States at http://www.manhattan-institute.org/knowyourrates/

It is worth a visit. If you click on a state it will tell give you the average cost of insurance before and after Obamacare for six groups: men and women ages 27, 40, and 64.

One the West Coast, everyone is now paying more for insurance except 64-year old men and women.

But in Arizona, 64-year-olds are seeing their monthly rates go up on average from $194/month to $494/month for men and from $190/month to $494/month for women. Every other group in New Mexico is also paying more now than they used to.

In Colorado all average rates have been reduced by Obamacare. In South Dakota, the average rates for all groups have increased. In Ohio rates have dropped. In Virginia the rates have gone up and down for different groups, some slightly and some more significant. It looks like a net bad thing to me, but I’m just eye-balling the graph, you can look at it yourself.

In New York States, all average rates have fallen 29 percent under Obamacare. In Maine, everyone’s rates have risen. The same is true for Washington DC residents. Those who are 64 are paying an average of 81 percent more for health insurance. All groups in Vermont are paying a higher average rate. Rhode Island features lower rates—almost flat for some but non-elderly women do substantially better with Obamacare.

In Connecticut, all six groups are paying more on average.

In many cases the increased cost is pretty dramatic.

The Affordable Care Act was supposed to make medical care more affordable. Supposedly the system we had before was too burdensome and unfair.

How is this any different? All Obamacare has done is simply shake up the outcomes. We have as many or more losers as before (probably more, but I haven’t taken time to carefully do the math). There is no way to look at the data and conclude that healthcare is now more affordable in the nation as a whole.

I only mentioned the states for which the Manhattan Institute claims to have full data. Go look at it and see if you can find any reason why we would spend so much money and make such drastic changes for these results.

Without the government, who would make us pay more for health insurance?