Woman Attacked, Left for Dead by “Undocumented Worker”

KVOA Tucson has a great video of their news story but I couldn’t see a way to embed it here. Here is a portion of their text story:

A park employee left for dead at the Chiracahua National Monument nine months ago, speaks out about her attack.

Karen Gonzales, 60, was viciously beaten in broad daylight in one of the park restrooms.

She suffered a brain injury and is now walking with a limp. She tells News 4 Crime Trackers, “I will never forget his face coming at me.”

Gonzales was cleaning the women’s restroom at the Faraway Ranch Campground when she heard a noise, looked up, and saw her attacker come at her with a rock.

The DNA evidence left behind tied 33-year-old Gilbert Gaxiola as her attacker. The Cochise Country Sheriff’s department confirms Gaxiola is an undocumented immigrant.

According to Cochise Co. Sheriff’s investigators, Gaxiola hit her so hard, it broke the rock.

The Sergeant told her, he not only hit her with a rock but he slammed her up against the metal door.

Evidence of the dent remains on the door. Gonzales says her hands are still recovering from the injuries.


Detectives say Gaxiola dragged her back into the restroom, and then stole her truck. He was seen in surveillance video going through the drive-thru of two fast food restaurants, and a going to WalMart. “He stole my truck to get back to Douglas and he was caught the very next day with a drug load.”

Detectives say he abandoned the truck in Douglas. Border Patrol agents arrested him for drug smuggling the next day.

I’m sure that, after his conviction, the Obama Administration will let her “undocumented” attacker free–just like they’ve done recently for nearly 200 convicted murderers, and thousands of more violent criminals.

Look, I do believe we need to change immigration policy, but anything that fails to require every single one of these immigrants to apply for legal residency, and experience a thorough background check, is a total non-starter.

As for the convicted criminals, I don’t care if their home countries don’t want them back, that’s their problem, not America’s. Put them in a military transport… give them parachutes… fly them over their home countries… and open the door.

P.S. The “return to sender” program should not be used for those who have murdered anyone in America, or whose drug “business” has led to the death of a single American. For them, one bullet is all the expense needed. I think the Feds have ordered enough ammunition lately to make that doable.