Woman Didn’t Follow Gun Banners’ Plan for Victimization

Gun banners wish this Texas woman had been robbed—or worse.

While in New Jersey a woman was stabbed to death waiting for the gun banners to graciously grant her permission to exercise her right as recognized by the Second Amendment, in Texas a woman was able to bring about a different outcome.

From ABC 13 in Houston: “HCSO: Licensed Gun Holder Shoots Would-Be Robber in NE Harris County.”

A licensed gun holder took matters into her own hands when a man tried to rob her Friday evening at a gas station in northeast Harris County, deputies said.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office says the shooting happened around 6pm at a gas station off FM 2100 and Saddle Creek Farms Drive.

The woman was sitting inside her car when the suspect opened her car door and demanded her purse, deputies said. The woman reached into her purse, pulled out her gun and opened fire, shooting the suspect in the shoulder.

The suspect ran down FM 2100, where he collapsed a short time later.

If you watch the video above you will notice something that is missing from the text given at the webpage: the robber attempted to force the woman to give him her purse “at knife point.” He threatened her with some kind of blade. No wonder the woman fired without warning! She was next to a man with a deadly weapon in easy striking range.

This story is good because gun banners like Michael Bloomberg constantly talk about wanting to reduce gun violence.

But maybe the solution to criminal violence is more gun violence, not less.

If this woman had been disarmed, then she would simply have been robbed by a knife-wielding criminal. Hopefully he wouldn’t have harmed her. But even if he killed her, the crime wouldn’t come to the attention of the gun banners because it wouldn’t count as gun violence.

But I think I’d rather be in a position to inflict gun violence rather than risk knife violence.