Woman Imprisoned For Not Being Able To Afford To Take Her Dog To The Vet

A Florida resident named Tammy Brown lives on a small, fixed income of only $508 a month, most of which goes to mortgage and utilities. With the little bit left over, she had been able to buy food and medicine for her dog, but because of her little income, she wasn’t able to afford to take her animal to the vet.

A couple years ago, Animal Services confiscated the dog, put the dog under and then charged Tammy with animal cruelty. Her dog Harley was 14 years old, and it had a “host of health problems” all stemming from long-term neglect, according to what a vet told the jury that ended up convicting her of animal cruelty. One of the problems was a large growth on its neck that came and went over the course of its life. Tammy tried treating it with skin ointments, because that’s all she could afford.

Now, Tammy is facing 5 years in prison for not taking Harley to the vet, something that I’m sure she would have loved to be able to do, but wasn’t able to afford. It’s not like she tortured her dog or beat it. She took care of it as best she could. And that’s more than we can say about Animal Services who only took care of the dog by killing it. And that’s exactly what would have happened if Tammy brought her dog to a PETA “shelter” too. That’s how they “take care” of animals.

Should Tammy have asked for help? Sure, she could have done that. But charging her with a crime is utterly ridiculous. She didn’t intentionally harm her dog. She wasn’t being cruel to her animal.

Whenever I see these “animal cruelty” stories, I always think of the abortion industry. The press will put so much emphasis on mistreated or neglected animals but give abortion clinics a pass. In fact, they don’t just give them a pass, they give them a pat on the back. They’re doing their part to keep the minority population at bay, so they deserve all the credit they can get. After all, if it weren’t for abortion, we’d be overrun with blacks.

Of course, the abortion industry’s justification is that these kids are going to grow up in a bad environment if their lives aren’t snuffed out as soon as possible. No one is going to be able to adequately take care of them. So, it’s better to just kill them now than it is to let them live and possibly grow up in a bad environment. Does that really justify murder?

Maybe we should do the same for the homeless. They’re not able to take care of themselves. Many of them have suffered from long-term neglect of their own health because they can’t afford doctor visits. Maybe they should be rounded up and euthanized, because no one else is able to take care of them adequately.

These “Animal Services” people cared so much about the welfare of Tammy Brown’s dog that they took it from her and killed it. Now that’s true compassion for animals.