Woman Stabbed to Death Waiting for Gun Permit

The state needs to keep us all safe, even at the cost of a woman stabbed to death.

Since I reported on a woman who survived an armed attack because she was permitted more than ten rounds, perhaps it would be good to contrast that story with another about a woman stabbed to death because she wasn’t permitted a gun.

Of course, this woman had filed a restraining order against the suspect. And, of course, this restraining order did nothing to prevent him from stabbing her to death.

But the woman, Carol Browne, knew better than to rely on the restraining order. She applied for a gun permit.

And then she waited.

How long was she supposed to have to wait? The news story at NJ.com asks that question:

Thirty days. Or is it two to three months?

Berlin Township police Chief Leonard Check said at his department, it’s the latter when it comes to approving firearms permits and involves multiple organizations coordinating to give the green light.

Scott Bach, the executive director of the Sussex County-headquartered Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, couldn’t stress the former time frame enough.

“Permitting authorities are notorious for violating state-mandated time frames,” said Bach, citing state criminal code that requires an application be granted within 30 days.

Either way, when Carol Bowne was fatally stabbed by an ex-boyfriend late Wednesday night just outside her Berlin home, she had been waiting since mid April.

Although the 39-year-old longtime hair stylist had filed a restraining order against suspect Michael Eitel, 45, the man allegedly attacked her shortly after 10 p.m. upon Bowne’s arrival at her Patton Avenue home.

Not only had she filed for a permit in mid April, but she went back to ask about why it hadn’t been issued yet two days before she was killed.

The police had not yet gotten her fingerprint record results.

You hear the Liberals all the time: “We just want common-sense background checks.” And whenever someone is killed with a gun, it is always assumed to be the fault of the government for not requiring background checks.

Will we ever here Liberals admit that people die because of their background checks? The system “worked,” I guess. Someone was prevented from owning a gun until the government could be sure she was safe. Perhaps they will put the gun in her coffin now, since they should know she won’t be able to endanger anyone with it.

Please note, this wasn’t an application for a concealed carry permit. This was an application merely to own a gun.