A Woman’s Bravery Shows Why We Need More Handguns

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From The Blaze:

It all started when Gleim, 51, was in the middle of the most mundane of chores Thursday morning — filling out paperwork at a bank.

Little did she know she was in store for much more adventure within minutes.

Gleim exited the PNC Bank in Warrington Township — about an hour west of Lancaster, Pennsylvania — to roll down the window on her pickup truck to give her 10-year-old deaf and adopted Siberian Husky, Echo, some extra air.

At about the same time a man exited the bank and starting running across the parking lot. Then a breathless, shaking teller told Gleim he’d just robbed the bank.

“I guess I wanted to take some action if I could,” she told WHTM-TV in Harrisburg.

So she she hopped into her pickup and followed the suspect who was headed to a different parking lot where his getaway vehicle awaited.

And when Gleim eyed the culprit in the driver’s seat, something inside she can’t quite explain took over.

“The opportunity just presented itself to step on the gas and run into his vehicle to try to disable it,” she told WHTM on camera. “It just happened. It wasn’t a lot of thought process.”

As a result of this woman’s spontaneous bravery and action, the robber’s car broke down before he could get away. The police nabbed him. He had robbed other banks in the area so Gleim has stopped a major crime spree.

But this is not an idea that can “go viral.”

Why not?

Because she herself admitted that, if she had been driving a newer vehicle, she probably would not have rammed the robber’s car. Her truck had 190,000 miles on it. The bottom line is that people don’t want to damage their vehicles.

On a more minor note, the story also tells us that she has stage IV colon cancer. Nothing is said to attribute her bravery to her facing death in her personal life, but it is hard for the reader not to think there might be a relationship. Most people won’t be in that mental space.

The point I’m trying to make is that, as much as we need all members of society to contribute to the security of society, this isn’t a way that everyone can imitate.

In other words, what we need is more handguns spread among citizens. A handgun doesn’t normally get damaged through use. You don’t risk losing a major asset by intervening in a crime.

Of course, the video report ends with the police (who had failed to capture this bank robber multiple times before) telling us to leave the crime fighting to them.

No thank you.