Woodward And Davis Get A Taste Of Obama’s Chicago Thuggery

Bob Woodward has been a legendary journalist ever since exposing President Nixon’s Watergate “scandal.” From then on, he has been a hero of the left. While I’d hesitate to call Watergate a scandal, it was still a story that was worthy of reporting, regardless of which political party would be affected by it, and for doing just that, Woodward has earned the title “journalist.”

Woodward earned further liberal credentials with his series of books critical of George W. Bush’s presidency. Democrats adored Woodward. Woodward’s word was not to be questioned.

The other day, however, Woodward crossed that heretical line very few self-proclaimed journalists dare to: he criticized President Obama.

It was in an op-ed at The Washington Post last week that Woodward voiced his criticism of Obama’s handling of the sequestration, and on Wednesday, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, he called it “madness.”

The day after his MSNBC appearance, Woodward said, he received a phone call from Obama’s Economic Council director Gene Sperling. Sperling allegedly yelled at him for thirty minutes and included the threat that Woodward would “regret” criticizing Obama.

Yesterday another liberal columnist exposed the Chicago-style thuggery in the Obama administration.

Lanny Davis is a former Clinton administration official who is now a columnist for the conservative Washington Times. He himself is not a conservative; he states openly that he supports Obama. But even he has written some critical op-eds about the President and his administration.

Upon hearing the thuggish threat given to Woodward, Davis decided to come out on D.C. radio station WMAL on Thursday with his own claim that his editor at the Times has also been threatened by the White House. The threat wasn’t as creepily vague as the one handed to Woodward. The White House aide, according to Davis, warned that if his editor continued to run Davis’s columns, Washington Times reporters would have their White House-reporter credentials revoked.

Welcome to America.

These threats are clear violations of the First Amendment’s guarantee of a free press. Reporters in a free country with an honest leader should not be or feel threatened by the country’s leadership for doing their journalistic duties in reporting the truth.

The good news is that these stories, especially the Woodward one, are gaining traction in the media. “Bob Woodward” was even trending Wednesday night on Twitter. Hopefully this story will sufficiently crack the Obama-as-Benelovence-Incarnate legacy that the media has successfully created over the past four years, and will be the start of the widespread realization that you can take the politician out of Chicago, but you can’t take Chicago out of the politician. People need to know that we are being governed by South Side thugs.

As Sen. Obama said in 2008, “I’m from Chicago. We know how to play politics in Chicago.”