Work in Retail? See If Your Boss Will Give You a Raise that Won’t Cost Him a Dime

If you work in retail bring some coins as an investment and make money of the government’s corruption of the currency!

If you operate a cash register in a store or fast food place for minimum wage (or thereabouts) you really need to teach yourself to identify “extra income.”


It’s as simple as learning the distinctive ring of a silver dime or quarter, versus a newer “clad” variety. It’s knowing that all dimes, quarters, and half dollars from 1964 and earlier were ninety percent silver (and half dollars continued at forty percent silver from 1965-70)—and the silver alone is worth more than ten times the face-value today (nearly five times for that forty-percent half dollar)..

A friend just sent me pictures of coins she’s swapped from her register, and for around four dollars she’s picked up more than forty dollars worth of value—not a bad investment!! Don’t short-change yourself… do a little study… see the difference in coloration on the edge of a silver coin… it could add up to a tidy “raise.”

Oh, but be sure to clear it with your supervisor—no need to cause unnecessary concerns, if someone sees you swapping out coins. Just say you’re into coins, and sometimes you might see one that interests you, and is it OK if you trade coin-for-coin. Virtually all bosses I’ve known let you do it—just keep it above-board and have fun searching and profiting from this little tip!