Workers Flee Unions Like They Are Fleeing Tyranny

Unions wrap themselves in the American flag and self-righteously trumpet their contributions to our society. If you buy their rhetoric, you’d think freedom would disappear from the land if Unions didn’t exist.

So how come workers flee Unions like oppressed people exiting Communist countries when they’re given a chance?

From the Daily Caller: “After Right-To-Work, 80% of Mich. Health-Care Workers Desert Union.”

Having won the right to decide for themselves whether to join unions, Michigan workers are opting to desert an organization that many never wanted to join in the first place: the SEIU.

Michigan voters put an end to forced unionization by approving right-to-work in the 2012 election. Republican Gov. Rick Snyder also signed a bill that ended a fraudulent dues-skimming scheme, perpetrated by the SEIU, which had allowed the union to collect $34 million in mandatory dues out of the Medicaid checks of unknowing home-based caregivers.

No longer obligated to pay money to the SEIU, 80 percent of home-based caregivers have left the union, according to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

That means some 44,000 workers did not wish to be part of the SEIU, when given the choice.

Ted O’Neil, media relations manager for the Mackinac Center, said plummeting SEIU membership is a clear sign that the forced unionization of home healthcare workers was never something those people wanted.

“All 44,000 of those caregivers who were originally forced into the union are free to go back and join,” he told The Daily Caller. “It’s very telling of what worker freedom means to people.”

Seems to me this is powerful evidence Unions only succeed when they’re given a monopoly on power–kind of like governments… which makes the Unions’ love-affair with Progressives understandable, and the need to oppose both very clear.