‘Workplace Violence’ Crashes Planned Parenthood Pity Party

It’s been a week for juxtapositions, that’s for sure.

First, a lone nut with a history of philandering, spousal abuse, drug usage, animal abuse and sexual deviancy, who seems to have had no contact with any church or any pro-life group, kills people near a Planned Parenthood clinic, utters the phrase “no more baby parts” and becomes an oxymoronic symbol for “Christian terrorism.”

Then a married Muslim couple who recently spent a month in Saudi Arabia, who officials say had been “radicalized” and who had contact with figures suspected of terrorist sympathies right under the nose of the FBI, kill 14 people in a well-planned attack, and the president of the United States says we don’t know a motive, could be workplace violence.

While all of this is going on, that same president is telling us that the gravest threat to national security is global warming, there is no threat to the U.S. from ISIS, Islam is peaceful, and by the way we need more laws to keep guns out of the hands of decent people because twice in one week crazies have made unarmed civilians into ready victims with no way to fight back.

Just because we all needed the extra hoot, the media, egged on by Hollywood celebrities, has announced that both shootings are the fault of pro-life Christians, Donald Trump, the NRA and the entire conservative branch of the GOP, and the New York Daily News is leading a war on prayer because apparently that’s the root cause of every mass-marketed shooting in the past 10 years in America, which President Obama and Shep Smith tell us is the only country mass shootings ever occur in, just¬†three¬†weeks after Paris.

The Daily News has hit the nail on the head, apparently. Other media outlets and blogs have picked up the News’ headline, “God Isn’t Fixing This,” and they are running with it, like Michael Brown with a pack of stolen cigarillos.

It’s all God’s fault. Note we’re not saying “Allah’s.”

If not for God, poor picked-on Planned Parenthood wouldn’t have to fend off all those Christian terrorists who do it in the name of the Holy Trinity — the Radical, the Terrorist and the Suicide Bomber.

We need gun control, but more importantly we need God control.

And remember this is all, we mean all, about Planned Parenthood, which lest we forget had a clinic a mere mile away from the San Bernardino shootings, according to MSNBC. Planned Parenthood is just trying to put in an honest day’s labor — oops, we mean work; they try to avoid labor at the PP clinics.

Planned Parenthood has a very important job protecting a woman’s right to choose to get pregnant and kill the brat. The abortion industry has set a very high quota of at least a million dead babies and their parts per year, and Planned Parenthood is essential to the effort to make sure that happens because the GOP war on women.

And if any of the above made any sort of logical sense to you, here’s a preview of a fact-based documentary you’ll enjoy.