World Health Organization Admits To Its Propaganda Campaign to Promote Abortion

You probably already knew that the World Health Organization was pro-abortion. But recently the organization’s publication came out and admitted to the methods they use to promote legalizing abortion.

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An editorial in the latest Bulletin of the World Health Organization (WHO) considers the definition of “unsafe abortion” and distinguishes the safety of abortion from its legality. This is a reversal of a policy that has been in place since the early 1990s and a tremendous step in the right direction.

The article acknowledges, “WHO has historically used a pragmatic operational construct that measures safety in terms of only one dimension—legality—in developing its regional and global estimates of rates of unsafe abortions.” This method inflates the number of “unsafe abortions” in countries that prohibit abortion, providing fuel for efforts to legalize abortion. And it downplays the number of dangerous abortions in countries that permit abortion on demand.

The truth is that “illegal abortion is not synonymous with unsafe abortion,” as WHO’s new editorial concedes. We know, on the basis of evidence from around the world, that abortion can be legally permitted and yet be extremely dangerous to the health of women (largely depending on the medical context).

Legalizing abortion does not suddenly make it safe. It only makes it more common. Evidence from many countries shows that legalizing abortion is simply not necessary to reduce maternal mortality and protect the lives and health of women.

This is a pretty amazing admission, considering that some have tried to claim that abortion is safer than childbirth. It should also point out just how lopsided the “conversation” about abortion has been. Journalists and scholars have treated the World Health Organization as the source of objective information. It has never been anything of the kind.

Of course, all discussion of “safe” abortions is only considering the life and health of the mother, not the life and health of her baby. If we consider the baby, no abortion is ever safe.